Posted by: Johan Normark | February 25, 2012

2012: Droughts in the past and present

Now, given the media coverage of the recent Science article regarding the “Maya collapse” being caused by a drought (probably the tenth proposed drought model or so), I am just waiting for some 2012ers to make the connection between the current drought in (northern) Mexico and the ancient mega-drought. Did the Maya combine hydromancy with chronomancy and predict the current drought (primarily occuring in another part of Mexico, but it is close enough for non-Mexicans)? There are endless potentials for wild speculations.



  1. Many Maya Sites Had No Reliable Water Sources.In The Yuactan Most Water Is Subteranian,If The Belizian Low Land Rivers Dried Up,Would The Rain Forest Die?If The Lamani Lagon Showed Sign Of Drought.Their Crops Are Fairly Drought Resistant,Some Corn Can Be Planted 2ft. Deep.And Only Needs Water Twice,Squash And Cabazza The Foilage May Dry Up And Die The Fruit Will Still Florish.
    I Think The Maya Moved To Columbia If Driven From Their Homelands.


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