Posted by: Johan Normark | February 29, 2012

2012: Christian inerrancy and white men with beards

Mark Van Stone, a Mayanist and epigrapher, has some new informative and educational clips on Youtube that are of relevance to people who have one or two misconceptions regarding the Maya and Mesoamerica. The first one deals with the fact that the people of Mesoamerica could change when Calendar Round cycles (52 year long periods) should end and begin if it was not beneficial when it was planned. Mesoamerican religion did not follow an “inerrant” scripture like the Bible. 2012ers therefore have a completely mindset.

The second clip deals with the fact that the supposedly “white men with beards” have nothing to do with Europeans. The colors relate to world directions in Mesoamerican cosmology and various colors of maize. I can also add that the idea that Cortés and his followers came “from the other side of the sea” has more to do with the watery underworld. The Spaniards brought along diseases and misfortunes like the creatures residing in the underworld/other side of the sea upon which the earth float.



  1. It is hard to believe, that some scientists believe, that the Maya created for art, or religion, or for direction white European bearded men.
    And how did the Maya communicated their four corn color directions to China? Where is evidence for this Chines connection? Or is it just coincidence?

  2. I am not sure I follow you in your first sentence. What Mark is saying is that Cortes took advantage of mythology (or this is even more likely a later invention by Spanish historians).

    He is not saying that the Maya communicated the four directions to China. He says it originated in east Asia since people migrated from there into the Americas a long time ago. The evidence is fairly basic and well known.


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