Posted by: Johan Normark | March 7, 2012

An Indian Angkor Wat

Apparently India is planning to build a replica of Angkor Wat in the state of Bihar. As it will become larger than the original it will also become the largest Hindu temple in the world. I am not sure it will kick out the original from my own list of Seven Wonders of the World. Maybe this is another example of when “pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall“…


  1. We shouldn’t be inviting strangers from the past, present or future into our peaceful lives anymore…. Ohhh, they come in shapes, sizes and some on spacecrafts that bore….

  2. Spirituality, faith & Religion is just socially accepted evil witchcraft, where the holy (???) priests get to play with the masses using chosen spiritual-biological spooky creature.

    Hinduism is known for collecting databases of human names, summoning them all & burning them all in the holy (???) fires. The pests many do come flying in from the ether, to infest your home, even as you read those holy books. Be aware of the presence of the creatures, that crawl out at night, those that assemble near the lights. Ain’t we tired of praying to the Angels (Spiders) & Lizards ?.

    Even though they identify their chosen deity with the SUN. and everywhere they beg in the name of the stars & human others, without their consent & knowledge. Even space agencies engage in Secret dark missions sending creatures to homes of the people, even as they read their stupid reports. They shall never reveal that somewhere in the heaven shines in your consciousness at all times. And we believe in conflicting versions of the same heaven.

    Most do pray to predatory species, only to be devoured in the astral. Humans fly everywhere as little crunchy creatures, only to be eaten by others, including others pets. As if the Books have been written backwards to keep the masses under hypnotic spells for ages. And to the flies ugly, they all still offer sacrifices.

    Most people who watch TV or read news are falling in at someone’s doorsteps. Don’t spread the disease. The souls great (???) & small all from the past must now rest in peace. Even people raise them & fire at each other.

    Just tell the truth to the people, that they all should stay away from the strangers & spooks from the past. Most people can recover & heal themselves, by staying away from them, and stay free of attacks in the astral (curses & spells) & spooky creatures by frequent pest control measures, and staying at home with people from the neighborhood in their time-zone.

    Just sharing, don’t send in vibes bad to disturb us here living in the times present….

    thanks for compliance with our request to maintain peace….

  3. However, the Aliens = non-human species = Gods = Ghosts of the Dead, and some of them are kind & useful, so use your discretion before opening Pandora Boxes…..

    so when aliens, of them you know nothing about, come flying to you from the mysterious ether…..when you call their names…. and when you see the things. that are far better & beautiful rising from the real, nice, known, kind & friendly people you know….. the choice of choosing friends (or friendly aliens) is so easy…..

    However, most of them do tend to effect you in ways mysterious…. as if in some spiritual, quantum resonance or simply TANTRA….. we do unknowingly share our energies with our colleagues, friends, co-workers & the people you live with….. But then that is the price, we pay for being part of the civilization….

  4. Cambodia does not like this project:

  5. Seems As Tho There Is Enough Painted Cake In This World,Some Can Not Get Enough,They Quee-up To Kneel At The Trough,Crap Is Their King


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