Posted by: Johan Normark | March 8, 2012

2012: Debunking a debunked debunking

I have seen the top “Debunked” section before but I never commented on it since it at least attempts to debunk the doomsday nonsense. However, the author clearly does not understand how the Long Count works. Today I saw the lower half that claims to have debunked the top section. I found it on Rob Bast’s 2012 forum. It is hilarious because first someone “debunks” the doomsday without understanding the Long Count and then someone else debunks the debunking with other misconceptions.

What is wrong with the top section? Well, the Long Count is all about the count of days so leap days every fourth year does not make any difference whatsoever. The Long Count does not relate to the seasons so there was no need to add a leap day. There has also been a Gregorian calendar reform since Julius Caesar’s days. I shall not even repeat the inherent problems with the GMT correlation.

The first problem with the lower section is that the Maya Long Count is not cyclical despite the common belief among 2012ers. The Maya did not use leap days but the author apparently believes the so-called wayeb days, five days at the end of the haab, are leap days. It is not that the Maya had six wayeb days every fourth haab or so. The author also believes the tzolkin consists of 20 days and 13 months. It is 20 days and 13 numbers.

Did the Maya build pyramids to align with stars? You can align any pyramid with any star you want and time of the year. However, many pyramids are related to caves and these geological features are fairly stationary so their correlations are slightly more trustworthy. The Maya were geocentric in contrast to the stargazing 2012ers who have hijacked the Long Count for their own benefit.



  1. Someone sent this to me to. I politely explained that the correlation “takes into account” leap years. Making a claim like this is similar to moon hoax people claiming the government could have shoved any ol’ rock under a geologist’s nose and tell them it’s a rock from the moon and the geologist not knowing any better.

  2. I forgot to write that the leap years have been taken into account. The funniest part of the first section is that the author believes that the Long Count is like our own calendar. How hard is it to actually look this up?

    Btw, do you follow JMJ’s ongoing debate on the blog?

  3. No, I haven’t been following Jenkins.

  4. The 2012 predictions are coming not just from the Maya calender but there may be thousands of books on it, all new age stuff from everywhere from prophets, different religions, psychics,cranks, Jenkins, aliens etc, etc etc.
    They think it is something to do with time. Some think that time is one main line. and there is one or more other lines of time. If this is true, that would make time 3 dimensional, !+1= 3 I would agree with that with some reservations, as nobody really knows what time is.
    We dont know how the Maya was thinking about time. Maybe you have a better knowledge of this, how the Maya understood time maybe they understood time also as gravity? Maybe you know if there are some Maya artifacts, or symbols that would suggest that the Maya also connected time with gravity?
    Gravity is pushing down in one direction, but it also pushing in the apposite direction, so it would be also 3 dimensional. Some insects have gravity shielding in their wings, to help them to fly. And I may even propose that there is no time, only gravity, or time is gravity.and gravity is time.
    And saying all this, the universe is alive out there, new stars being created new energies flowing between stars and planets,changes are taking place in our Solar System, as new energies from the Plaids flowing to our Sun and Earth and the planets, this is speeding up the time lines, spinning around each other, or effecting the gravity,So in 2012 it may reach that speed, that the gears may shift into a higher gear.
    And maybe nobody will even notice if the gears changed. or if our Earth and Sun and the Solar System will vanish for a few seconds from the Universe to make the time and gravity adjustments.

  5. “Some insects have gravity shielding in their wings, to help them to fly.”

    Wow, talk about a failure to understand physics. Your whole gravity paragraph is face-palm worthy.

    • I did not have the heart to tell him that myself.


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