Posted by: Johan Normark | March 8, 2012

2012: Seventh sign and British Petroleum

An acquaintance of mine gave me a link to this Youtube clip. In it you can see one of the main Swedish 2012ers, Aniel/Haniel who has co-worked with Calleman. During the interview he delivers so much misconceptions and New Age stuff that my ears bleed. I do not know if I should laugh or cry.

According to Aniel, the first remains of the Maya date back to 900 BC, than there is a gap to 300 BC followed by yet another gap to AD 300. These many gaps are explained as the lack of inscriptions in various temples (he has absolutely no clue about ceramic chronology, C14 dating, architectural styles, etc.). We are told that the final Maya states date to the 13th century AD and after that the Aztecs absorbed the Maya calendar, etc. Good grief…  He has apparently missed the fact that the last independent Maya kingdom fell in 1697 and that the Aztecs did not use the Long Count. Their use of the Calendar Round is an heritage of earlier Central Mexican cultures, not something borrowed from the Maya. That was apparently his extent of “knowledge” about the archaeology and history of Prehispanic Mesoamerica and he has worked with the Maya calendar for twelve years…

After that Aniel leaves archaeological “facts” and enters the word of New Age. If we are to believe him the Maya calendar is a countdown to a sign (although Aniel does not believe in an established end date, such as December 21, 2012 or Calleman’s alternative end date). We are told that the Maya creation myth suggests that they originated from the Pleiades. The divinities from the Pleiades will return when we are entering a magnetic axis that supposedly breaks down the sunlight for 70 hours. In this made up New Age prophecy, water shall burn, and the evidence is apparently the BP oil spill burning in the Mexican Gulf. I hate to say this but it was the oil that burnt, not the water. Here he also makes a reference to the Hopi, described as a Maya tribe, who says this is the Seventh sign (of nine he “thinks”). In this seventh sign water is colored black and spread death and this is obviously related to BP…

Further, the Maya have memories of four earlier such events with 5200 years intervals (a normal misconception among 2012ers who conflates the Aztec mythology of the Five Suns with the Maya Long Count). This is a fantasy propelled by Jenkins among others. Aniel also includes the standard Christian references such as the Bible and the book of revelations, the number of the beast, etc. The “light” shall also come from the north, and because Sweden has another currency than the Euro and the dollar this is enough evidence that Sweden has a central importance. However, how does that work with the fact that the current Chairman of BP is the Swede Carl-Henric Svanberg (the “small people” man)? Sweden is actually part of the Seventh sign. Aniel has misread it all! The apocalypse is near.

Later a numerologist is interviewed and on top of this the New Age artist Thomas DiLeva joins the party…



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