Posted by: Johan Normark | March 20, 2012

2012: The first quarter

We passed the vernal equinox about one hour ago here on the northern hemisphere. This means, at least for those people who believes the Maya Long Count will end on the winter solstice later this year, that one quarter of this fateful year have passed. On this day (and a half year from now), the sun is located above the equator (from a geocentric perspective of course). Expect plenty of New Agers at Chichen Itza (although the actual event occurred in the middle of the night local time, as if they care).

Update: There was an earthquake near Acapulco today (not in the Maya area though). I suspect I will see some traffic directed to this blog post that combines the search terms “equinox”, “earthquake”, “2012”, “Mayan doomsday”, or something similar…


  1. Shall find you all assembled near the lights after dusk…. The stars you cry to, them you must know first….

  2. We ain’t inviting strangers from the past, present or future into our peaceful lives anymore…. Ohhh, they come in shapes, sizes and some on spacecrafts that bore….

    • Good idea not to invite things you know nothing about. Prometheus has landed.

      • Ooooh they all are now coming to life, no wonder “” is so full of them, it is like a regenerative hangar always full of aircrafts.

        Yes Dr.Prometheus was a mean white bird (Moth)…. Ummmm…. their war ageless, however still continues…. and there are others, that have been released everywhere…. Maybe it is better to look at oneself in the mirror instead of searching for relief in the past…..

      • Dear Sir,

        It was a pleasure to have met you in the cyber-world, and I have been through your very interesting profile.

        But isn’t it scary, to raise them from their sites archeological ?, and some of us would never even think of disturbing them resting in peace, and mess around with trophies in their graves. Strange things do happen to people, as they become possessed, and unknowingly continue the forgotten war of the past, instead of living with the friendly people of the times present.

        Maybe Aussie aborigines were right about them, it is not wise to even call their names.

        Nothing unusual, it is just that the people who are much into spirituality, and these things want to spread the wings of their own demon or holy spook. Only a healer may be able to tell you about the entities that have infested the victim’s aura. People will never know, unless they free themselves from the web. and able to see their own stars shining overhead.

        Spooks are usually nice only to the people infected, but only as long as the juices are there. But then the stars up there, & life down here just happens to be an illusion.

        Namastey & best wises to you from the Himalayas.

  3. So, I’ve never been down there for the equinox, or well, ever. Wouldn’t the snake shadow phenomenon happen a day or two either side of that day? Similar to how the moon looks full for about three days. I think I’d go a day late and beat the crowds.

    • I am not sure. I have never been there during the equinoxes. According to one of my contacts, the phenomenon is best seen 12 h before and after the equinox. Perhaps yesterday’s evening was the best time to see it. The autumn equinox may be cloudy since it occurs during the rainy season.

  4. It is not known who had the very first calender, but the Earthly year cycles started 5-6 thousand years ago, after Anu and his wife Antu came to Earth. At that time they had a big welcome party by the Anunnaki, a big celebration,and the naked Earthlings were serving the foods and drinks.
    The Earthlings were created by Enki,Ninharsag and Ningishzida to be a work animal. But Enki said, the Earthlings are helpers, and
    made improvements , and the Earthlings became intelligent beings, with self consciousness. At that time Anu from Nibiru decreed, that the Earth should be inherited by the Earthlings, and The Anunnaki should give people civilization, give us knowledge, kingship, and science, etc.and start counting the years by the Earth Sun cycles. and leave Earth, as they all did about 560 BC. But at that time. about 6000 years ago, the humans were still naked, as Zecharia Sitchin wrote in his book; The Lost Book Of Enki, on page 269. So in my opinion the long count Maya calender started after, when Ningishzida was exiled by Marduk and Enki, and he came with his Olmec people, And the Maya got the long count calender from the Olmecs.

  5. Actually yes. You can see the shadow partially about five days (I´m not sure how many days exactly, but some like that) before and five days after, or so. The exact day you see the shadow complete, but close days to the date you can see a good spectacle. And yes, some people go that days to avoid crowds; it’s a good idea.

  6. Thanks, I got similar information from Quetzil Castañeda.

  7. The serpent can be seen any day of the year as long as the sun is out and you’re standing to the side of the staircases. Its really nothing spectacular, but what is spectacular is what happens at Dzibilchaltun.

  8. Tomorrow Is 8/Batz The Weaver Of Time And The Start Of A New Sacred 260 Day Cholq’ij The Day That Daykeepers Are Initiated In The Guatemalan Heartlands.Perhaps Someone Will Conjer-up Some Proficies,The Maw Is Wide Open!

    • Not becoming corn anymore? You have split?

  9. ASG New City,New E-mail,Didn’t Care 4 Red,New Handle,Realized I’ve Been Always Corn,Charm City A Carnival Of Rust,Decay And Everyone Wanting Spare Change,People Sleeping In The Street,The Seemy Under-belly.I Love It!

  10. It is amazing to think that many centuries ago civilizations were walking our planet before us. It looks to me that there were bigger civilizations than we thought. If that’s the case then they must were more advanced than we actually know about them. More discoveries will let us know them better.

    I want to share with you this music about the mystical place Chichen-Itza. The message of that music is about a CHANGE all humans must do in order to live in peace and harmony. Maybe that’s the message ancient civilizations wanted us to know.

    Arriving at Chichen-Itza 2012

    In Lak’Ech. Peace from Mexico.

    • Explain what you mean by “bigger civilization”. Contemporary architecture, technology, medicine, agriculture, knowledge, etc. are all better in pretty much all aspects.

  11. In Lak’ech Ala Kin’,CCCCC The Wave Symbolizing,Bitoul,El Formador,Perhaps The Original Water Witch. People Moved Mountains Of Material,With Only A Trump-line,Someone Must Have Had A Energizing Concept To Unify The Mases To Build Such Lasting Beauty,Today A Trampa de Torista Or An Enigma For The Inteligencia Digers To Sus Out.


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