Posted by: Johan Normark | March 22, 2012

Drought is the new mantra

In case you wonder why I plan to write an article about the relationship between the 2012-phenomenon and ecology it is because much of the phenomenon relates to people’s fears about the problems we are facing now, such as climate change, ecocide, war over scarce resources, religious conflicts, etc. Most 2012ers desire drastic changes that will make the world a better place, either through a higher consciousness or an apocalyptic event. Right now these people are focusing on the Maya and their Long Count calendar. I have no doubt that they will find a new date when this “end-date” fails. I have earlier suggested that they should focus on 2027 (a year when the Aztec Calendar Round ends and begins again).

For some reasons the current ecological problems seems quite similar to the scenario for the so-called Maya collapse, at least as it is presented in popular media. In the last month or so there have appeared several articles concerning the Maya collapse and how it related to droughts. The author of this article clearly attempts to mystify the whole process by asking the question: “did belief in gods lead to Mayan demise?” Please specify which ones… Apparently “their abandoned territories became thought of as chaotic, haunted places, and reclaiming any lands from the forest was at best done with great care and ritual.” Well, contemporary Maya perform rituals on their land quite often, even if it is not “haunted”.

The Maya have been mystified and exoticized for centuries now and the current 2012-hype is not improving this situation. The irony here, for those 2012ers who believe we are approaching the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new cycle/Long Count, is that the Classic period Maya ditched the Long Count during the “collapse” in favor of the Short Count during the Postclassic (in the Yucatec area). Will the 2012ers do the same later this year when the apocalypse takes place?


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