Posted by: Johan Normark | March 30, 2012

Galactic orcas

In the news today is an archaeological discovery of animal shaped mounds in coastal Peru, approximately 4,000 years old, twice as old as the animal figures in Nazca. These are shaped like orcas, condors, a duck, and a puma-cayman animal. The largest mound is 400 m long.  The discoverer believes these mounds represent constellations seen in the Milky Way and at least one of them is said to be aligned to the June solstice (the winter solstice on this side of the Earth). The mention of plastic structures indicates to me that they are still being used.

Considering the sizes of these structures, that they can only be viewed from the air, their “similarity” to the Nazca lines, their age, potential association with astronomical objects and phenomena (such as the Milky Way and the winter solstice), and the news release/publication in 2012 will only trigger a flood of nonsense in the pseudoscientific/New Age communities. I am sure some 2012ers will see the existence of plastic structures as evidence of ancient advanced technology.  

Remember the old TV-comedy Mork and Mindy with Robin Williams? Mork was an alien from the planet Ork. In Peru we have orcas which for sure will be incorporated into a similar extraterrestrial context. I mean, the similarity in names cannot be a coincidence can it? Nano Nano.



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    I wonder if it is possible that you could orient me where I can find your critique on Terence Mckenna’s Time Wave Zero theory, because it is actually hard to find here as there is no search box available. If you have a serious philosophical or even deleuzian critique I would really like to read it. Thanks in advance and cheers 😉

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