Posted by: Johan Normark | April 1, 2012

2012: The extended April fools joke

I had planned to write an April fools joke for all the 2012ers out there today but I have been busy with other issues. To me, and to many of my fellow Mayanists, the whole year and the 2012 phenomenon in itself is just a long extended April fools joke. In a year like this one and on a day like this one it will be hard to separate jokes from facts. 2012ers tend to have that problem. However, this year April 1 falls during the wayeb period in the haab, the so-called “unlucky” days. Take that as a warning (or whatever you want to interpret from it) before you make a joke today.



  1. Johan,Doesn’t Your Tzolkin Starty On Jun/Imosh Not Five?

  2. I am referring to the haab, not tzolkin.

    • My Habb Started On 13/Noj’ Feb 22nd.same As in Mixto Viejio,Guatemala.Happy New Year Imosh Is Not A Year Bearer,I’m Sure Noj’ Is

      • Only Iq’,Ke’ij,Ee’,And Noj’ Can Be Year-bearers And They Repeat Every Four Years,Perhaps Imosh Is A Orthodox Nordic Maya Man Purse Bearer?

  3. Since Yesterday Was A Noj’ Day “Happy New Year”

    • Happy new year, and happy Easter, and happy hanukkah


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