Posted by: Johan Normark | April 7, 2012

2012: Happy 4 Ajaw (GMT+2)

Alright, there is plenty of Maya calendar stuff going on right now. Recently we had a new year (haab) according to the GMT correlation constants. Two days ago we also had 4 Ajaw in the original GMT correlation (which is the same day today if you prefer the GMT+2 calendar). Anyway, next time we will have 4 Ajaw it will be that dreadful date, one tzolkin round (260-days) after this one (or 258 days from today if you want to align yourself with the galactic center). As noted by John Hoopes on Facebook, if you are a woman and get pregnant on this date your child may be born on the next 4 Ajaw date. I may add that some people believe Jesus will return on 13 Baktun. If you are a virgin and claims to have become pregnant today or two days ago by some unknown means (hey, you can get pregnant two weeks before conception in Arizona nowadays), and gives birth to a new Messiah/lord on the 4 Ajaw/4 Lord on the winter solstice, quite near the other Messiah, let it be known today that the whole correlation issue is not settled. Let’s celebrate 4 Ajaw (GMT) anyway, it falls during the Easter, the supposed death and resurrection of that previous Messiah.

This means that the new Messiah/Lord will be Bolon Yookte K’uh. In his early unruly teenage years he might bring havoc and death to the world as prophecized by the ancient Aztecs. This will occur in 2027. Be prepared. There might also be a twin brother. The end of the universe as we know it may very well be near.


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