Posted by: Johan Normark | April 19, 2012

Giant dinosaur eggs…?

I read in the news that geologists in Chechnya believe they have found more than 40 giant dinosaur eggs. The largest is said to be one m long but there are examples that are 25 cm long as well (which is roughly the size of the largest known dinosaur eggs). I doubt that these are dinosaur eggs for several reasons. First of all the eggs would have been very thick in order not to collapse from their own weight. Second of all, if they were eggs from the same species, the eggs would be of fairly similar size, not vary this much. Third of all, from what I can see in the video below the eggs are also found vertically in the stratigraphy whereas a dinosaur nest would have been horizontal (unless there has been som folding going on, which I doubt). Finally, the best evidence that these are not eggs is found 20 seconds into the clip. There you see three “eggs” being stuck to each others like siamese triplets… The “geologists” seem to have some security problems (just look how close that falling piece of rock is to the man 14 seconds into the clip). In any case, the “eggs” seems to be some sort of concretions.



  1. Def sandstone concretions. Basic geology. These are not geologists

  2. The “news” has already spread to forums for pseudoscience…

  3. Ofcourse it is eggs from aliens. pehaps the same as in Ridley Scotts film 🙂

  4. Well, the space jockeys have already been here:


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