Posted by: Johan Normark | April 29, 2012

Walpurgis night

Tomorrow it is Walpurgis night here in Sweden (Valborgsmässoafton or simply Valborg). The weather forescast predicts good weather so my prediction is that we will have plenty of drunk people welcoming the spring around bonfires. This is also the time when the students’ choirs sing “Längtan till landet” (better known as “Vintern rasat ut”). Valborg is not complete without hearing this song. And I have very little to blog about right now…



  1. Perhaps You’ll See Your Spectral Shadow,Then Six More Weeks Of Spring

    • I Hope Your Finished With Your Old-World Hexerie,Today Workers Of The World Unite!Death To Consumerism And Financialism.On This Day Help To Raise Our Great Red Banners.Power To The People.
      Unify Or Die!

  2. The witches lit the bonfire and I went “hiking” in the nearby forest on the warmest day of the year (May 1).

    • Is There A Shamianic Connection With Your Sami Ancestors?HealthyTo Breath The Good Air,Reconecting With Our Mother.Doing Something Diametrecly Oposite To Your Work Of The Reading And Finding Clues In The Dust.

      • Nope, I just had a picnic near a small lake and my son fed the ducks some old cookies. My Sami ancestors are very distant. A relative to my father studied their family tree more than 20 years ago. There are many connections to Sami people four to ten generations ago but none for the past century as far as I can tell. For the past century and a half my extended family has been “Swedish”.


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