Posted by: Johan Normark | June 4, 2012

2012: Calleman on the transit of Venus

Since the end of the Callemanian calendar and the supposed transformation of consciousness that occurred on October 28 last year, Calleman continues to explain away his failed prophecy by claiming that extraordinary things happened anyway. He says that “the Ninth wave, and the energy opening that was created when all nine waves were in the day mode last year, has made an indelible impression on humanity, and after some time of reflection new avenues to move forward will be sought by people more broadly. Thus, the 9th Wave continues to grind unity consciousness into existence…” Indelible impression on humanity? Really?

In hindsight, he claims that “we have no reason to expect that any shift in consciousness will take place automatically on a global scale just because there is a special date”. One wonders how that even remotely fits his own ideas of quantum leaps that occur at an instant moment? It does not work at all and instead of admitting  that he has been wrong the whole time he accuses the ”December 21 2012ers” for making statements “without any foundation whatsoever except for the dreams of those pronouncing them. Thus, by themselves both the Venus Transit and the Winter Solstice are like Y2K dates without any inherent energetic meaning and I think it is just as superstitious to associate them with some automatic birth of a new world as the end of the world, which is the big media favorite.” Yes, Calleman is probably unhappy that his made up end date did not become a great media hype. He should have set his end date two tzolkins later and he could have continued the “transformation of consciousness” circus a little bit longer than the galactic alignment people.

Still Calleman believes that the transit of Venus on June 6 and this year’s winter solstice are of importance because both involve the sun as a common denominator.  He asks “if this is more than a coincidence that the Mesoamerican traditions have been talking about the arrival of a new Sun. Maybe then, even if nothing will happen automatically, we may be able to intentionally bring about a shift in consciousness with one event leading up to the other. This raises the question what kind of shift would really generate an opening to a future that we would like to have.” Since the winter solstice occurs every year (along with the summer solstice and the equinoxes), only the Venus transit is unusual this Gregorian year. So, apparently “one more” sun related event is enough to see a connection to the “arrival of a new Sun”. Someone is grasping at straws here. However, Calleman once argued that because the transit occurs on June 6, on the National day of Sweden, Sweden has an important role to play in the transformation of consciousness.

Calleman claims that people have been led to believe that the shift in consciousness will happen automatically. By whom I wonder? Calleman has himself led people to believe this with his quantum leaps and waves. Is he talking about himself? Anyway, now Calleman proposes that “the shift in consciousness on the Venus Transit and the Winter Solstice of 2012 we should bring is to shift the center of our world from being the nation to being the sun. This can be done by establishing a connection of our third eye, which is our own center, with the sun and would truly be a shift in consciousness.” Oh, it was that easy? Why did we not think of that before?


  1. Does Calleman buy into the whole sun aligning with the galactic center thing? If not, then the winter solstice thing with the sun is meaningless as it happens every year (and is ethnocentric because it’s the summer solstice from the southern hemisphere). What about the last umbral lunar eclipse until 2014? First solar eclipse visible from N. America in 10 years? Any other straws he can grasp at?

  2. He does not buy into it but still believes the winter solstice and the Venus transit somehow are related to the transformation of consciousness. In short, he does not believe it and he believes it at the same time. Perfect logic.


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