Posted by: Johan Normark | August 10, 2012

Volcanoes on Java

During the vacation we visited a couple of volcanoes and their surroundings. Here are some pictures.

This is either Sindoro or Sumbing, seen from the road to the Dieng Plateau.

Sikidang crater on the Dieng Plateau

Telaga Warna on the Dieng Plateau. Lake with many colors.

Bromo and other volcanoes at sunrise (Bromo is the low “grey” crater on the left). In the background is Java’s highest peak/volcano, Semeru (3676 m.a.s.).

Bromo seen from the hotel. One of the best hotel views I have ever had.



  1. Mate, did you take a jeep up for sunise over Bromo or hike like a proper explorer? 🙂

    • My five years old son did not want us to hike.

  2. good reason, fantastic views!

  3. the first pic is mount Sumbing, beautiful shots!

    • Sorry, I mean mount Sindoro!

  4. have an explanation why the sikidang crater appeared to be easing mud ?


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