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2012: Information needed about the real galactic alignment

It has come to my attention that one of the proponents of the so-called galactic alignment theory, John Major Jenkins (JMJ), is putting together information about people that have different opinions than he has. It seems that he has gone from pseudoscience to pseudodetective work. JMJ will use these “dossiers” to publicly bash his opponents with details from their private life. As far as I know, he has not made one of me yet. I am rather disappointed, what does it take to be “honored” a dossier?

Anyway, for my future book on blogging about the 2012-phenomenon I will include a chapter on the galactic alignment idea(s). Who came up with it first for the Maya area? Was it the private investigator JMJ or was it the fortune-teller Mardyks? Who actually cares? Apart from describing various claims made in the “theory” itself I am also interested in describing how JMJ has publicly appeared while debating his position. I do have plenty of stuff from this blog, his “review” of David Stuart’s book, his facebook page, etc. If you, reader of this blog, has any additional information regarding the public debate of the galactic alignment, please send them to me. The “JMJ dossier” may appear on this blog in an extended version.



  1. Mardyks, Raymond (1991) “When Stars Touch the Earth: An Astrologer Looks at the New Age Through the Year 2012”. The Mountain Astrologer: 1–4, 47–48.

    • Yes, but is it the same “theory” as the one JMJ proposes? Not according to Mardyks.

      • AS AN ASTROLOGER, I OFFERED THE ASTRONOMICAL BASIS FOR EVENTS ASSOCIATED WITH THE MAYA CALENDAR SUCH AS THE HARMONIC CONVERGENGE AND 2012. This included the “galactic alignment”, simply approached as the Sun’s disk crossing the galactic equator at solstice (1987-1998-2001-2012). This visual was first published in my 1998 book, Maya Calendar, Voice of the Galaxy. This galactic alignment is clearly not the “conjunction” of the solstice with the galactic center circa 2240, although related as components of a larger process. JMJ caught wind of my galactic alignment idea, i assume, circa 1994, after I have written dozens of articles about it in the preinternet days. He devised a theory giving credit for my modern idea based on computer generated data, to the Holy Izapians and the rest can be found elsewhere. I believe his primary source, including an early calculated date of 1999, was a book by Moira Timm, who
        quoted me from 1987. This key reference was included in a prepublication
        chapter from his Maya Cosmowhatever book, which was left out of the
        published version. I have revealed maybe 10% of my findings and have not
        revealed my understanding of what is happening in 2012. I am not a fortune
        teller, yet understand that that is how some may view astrology. Do I find
        that JMJ understands the fundamentals of the galactic alignment or how it
        works or what it implies? Most definitely not! I do “predict” he will soon reveal publically deeper facets of his unconscious shadow using the names of Mardyks and Hoopes. If one looks closely, one can see how JMJ subsequently lived out what he accused Arguellus of. IMHO neither of them were initiated into the working of the authentic Maya calendar, as contrasted with the modern Mayanist version. I won’t be judged for “failing to appear” here. ; )

  2. For the record: The galactic alignment was first published in Meditation Magazine in a sidebar to an interview with Jose Arguelles. Term used was galactic sychronization out of respect that it was Jose’s gig. Galactic alignment expression first published in 1991 cover article in a leading astrology magazine. JMJ broke his version publically circa 1994 in the same magazine. The “galactic alignment” idea is an astrological idea. It is not strictly astronomical, scientific or to be taken literally as something happening “out there”. Its deeper meaning involves an inner alignment with one’s own inner “galactic” self. In this esoteric language, the light of the stars that make up the Galaxy are metaphors for the inner lights of the soul journeying toward illumination and enlightenment. Similar I believe to what Pythagorous and Plato talked about. You wanna talk about sacred numbers now?

    • The astronomical galactic alignment occurred in 1998=666 x 3. Google incorporated that year! 1776=888 x 2 and is the termination date of the first of 13-katuns that conclude on 12.23.2012 (GMT 285). F**k the winter solstice end date idea! 888 is the gematria of Jesus Christ and two times can be interpreted as the “second coming”. This decodes the eye over the pyramid symbol on Great Seal of the United States. Can you tell when I am SIRIUS?

      • In my opinion, the eye symbol on the pyramid is just a symbol, When the Anunnaki lived on Earth, they had space ports, landing places and, they put up satellites in the sky for communications , and to map the continents and all of Earth, and make maps.
        They called these satellites Eye of Ra or eye of Marduk or eye Isis or who ever Anunnaki put it up.

        In my opinion 2012 is more alchemical than astrological.
        All atoms consume subtle energies. and they also produce
        subtle energies.
        They consume more, than the produce.
        But in the center of the Galaxy , the atoms produce more subtle energies, than they consume.
        A lot of these energies now coming into our Solar system, and it
        will effect every atom . It will effect our bodies, our health , our consciousness, the Earth , the Sun, etc.
        This is not connected to the Maya calender,or the Vatican or any
        religion, just the way the conscious universe works,
        The date for this energy cycle is July 2010, not 2012 and it may be happening for a few yeas, or maybe even for a few hundred years. Some people think there could be an instant change, but not in my opinion. as it is happening now for the last 2 years. This date was calculated by the alchemist; Robert E Cox.

        .Robert E cox wrote the Books;
        The Pillar Of Celestial Fire. and
        The Elixir Of Immortality.

      • The eye over the pyramid is clearly a reference to Sirius and the triangle/pyramid of stars in the body of Canis Major. Sirius is likely where those you mention (Annunaki, Horus, Isis, Marduk, Ra, etc.) source from. Consider that Sirius herself is a larger consciousness than those god beings and still only the third eye of whomever is represented by that “Big D-O-G”. Welcome to the worlds of Galactic Astrology. Thanks for sharing. Mr. Z. Sitchen, who equates Ra/Marduk, and I, Ray Mardyks once had a very stimulating breakfast conversation, back in the day.

      • Ray.
        The Anunnaki came from Nibiru, from a planet in our own Solar system, and not from Sirius.
        And the Anunnaki were like us, they looked like us, they had a very long life, but they were not immortal. They were not gods. Some were Anunnaki royalty, some were scientist, some were astronauts,and a lot of them were workers, miners, and worked hard in the mines.
        Zecharia Sitchin never wrote that they were from Sirius, or they were god beings..He wrote that they were from the 12th planet, and it is also the title of one of his books.

      • Gil,

        I first read the 12th planet circa 1979, have kept up with his research since then and also had a personal relationship with Mr. Sitchen. He was right on with somethings and not having reached “galactic” consciousness, he was not up to speed with some other things. I personally discussed the galactic alignment with him, as a larger astrological frame than what he was using, at a conference in Sedona circa 1999. We all have our own unique perspective on the bigger “game”. Most of this story has not been revealed. Let’s stay within the 2012 and galactic alignment theme of this page, please.

  3. There are two “Responses to Mardyks” that JMJ has on-line. After reading the first one circa 1998, I recognized that he has no integrity in presenting simple facts. This confirmed that we are dealing with someone who makes up his own version of reality. Regarding the galactic alignment, I did the calculations circa 1982. I used to calculate astrology charts myself before the days of personal computers. I am certain that JMJ cannot do the math, contrary to “claims” in his book that he calculated the date. When he first sent me samples of his research circa 1995, red flags went up immediately upon seeing his serious mishandling of the numbers. Bad astronomy=bad astrology! Same went for Terence McKenna’s “heliacal rising of galactic center.” Calleman does astrological forecasts and so did Arguelles. Seems like everybody wants to crack the
    Maya astrological secrets of the Galaxy and 2012 and so few have a clue. The galactic
    alignment is a huge hint, but obviously that didn’t help JMJ. Maybe the “perennial wisdom” requires good character and an open heart.

  4. You mentioned (August 11, 2012 at 20:50) the Galactic Equator. Could you either define it for us, or direct us to a good defintion of it on line? There seems to be a lot of confusion as to what it is, exactly.


      • It is the middle of the “Milky Way” seen in the sky on dark, clear nights. The relevant crossing of the galactic equator and the ecliptic is in the constellation of Ophiuchus, astrologically. Some refer to it as the “galactic plane”.

      • Unfortunately, the Wikipedia article has its problems. It mentions the “galactic equator”, but doesn’t tell us that that’s not the correct name for it. Also, the Wiki article (in the caption for this figure seems to say that the sun is in the galactic plane, which isn’t true–the galactic plane and the “galactic equator” aren’t the same thing.

        Have you read the original IAU article?

        Click to access nph-iarticle_query

        It defines the plane mistakenly called the galactic equator. If you’ve read the article, could you tell us why the solstice sun’s alignment with that plane is significant?

      • Simply stated, it “symbolizes” a connection between two levels of reality that are not always interfacing directly. This connection enables energy and information to move between the two levels. Think computer (Earth) and internet (Galaxy). The “galactic” connection for human consciousness requires access “codes” such as the original Maya calendar. Clear?

      • Sorry, my link to the IAU article didn’t quite come out right. I’ll try again:

        The important thing is that the “galactic equator” isn’t the same thing as the “galactic plane”, and its definition isn’t based upon visual appearance of the milky way.

  5. Mr. Mardyks,

    You said (August 11, 2012 at 20:50),

    “I have revealed maybe 10% of my findings and have not
    revealed my understanding of what is happening in 2012.”

    Well, we’re almost 2/3 of the way thru 2012. If you wait until 2013 to reveal your understanding of what’s happening in 2012, few people will be convinced that you predicted anything. One suggestion I heard years ago, for people who believe they can predict the future (by whatever means), is for those people to keep the equivalent of a scientist’s lab notebook.

    That is, a bound booklet that’s read at regular (short) intervals by another person, who writes, signs, and dates a statement therein attesting that he or she has read and understood what the scientist has written in the intervening time period. The predictor could even send the notebook to himself by registered mail, leaving the envelope unopened until he or she needed to produce the evidence of his-her predictions in the presence of witnesses.

    Have you done any of this in the past, or are you doing so currently?

    • Contrary to the limited understanding of astrology held by some academics, uhum, I do not primarily predict the future or fortune-tell. I use astrology to better understand my world and our world’s place in the bigger picture. It is a tool to quickly understand someone’s psychological and spiritual reality. I help people become more conscious of who they are on different levels of consciousness and being. This helps to be more fully present in each and every moment, the only true reality. Thanks for the suggestion. After writing about September 2001 in the 1990s, I decided to stay away from future forecasts.

      • What 2012 is about is primarily on a level of consciousness rather distant from the level where most of humanity normally resides. We can call it a fifth dimension or galactic consciousness. Talking “about” it in 3D is misleading and not the same as experiencing it consciously by accessing the level of consciousness where it is happening. The true Maya calendar was designed for this when used properly and under guidance. I reserve much of my work so as not to feed ideas to people like JMJ, who don’t get it and appropriate and abuse sacred knowledge by making it profane and thus it loses its essence and spirit.

    • Astrology uses the visual and calculated appearance of celestial events as symbols. This is like a 2D shadow or mandala used as a symbol to understand the original multidimensional object. The ecliptic is a primary frame of reference, being the apparent path of the Sun. In Galactic Astrology, the Sun represents the center of self-consciousness. It is what you experience when “you” wake up in the morning. The other “side” of astrology is the whole night sky and the stars, which is not visible when the Sun is up. These represent what is not visible when one is in an egocentric (solar) state of consciousness. Call it the unconscious or the soul and spirit. Regardless of the technical difference between galactic equator and plane, they appear to cross the ecliptic and thus our egocentric concensus reality at a specific location along the ecliptic. This is like the entrance to an on-ramp that leads to a super highway, where one accelerates and eventually can “drive” at a much higher frequency. When does humanity as a whole get on the freeway and live as a “galactic” race of beings? Maybe 2240, when the biblical calendar ends after 6000 years, the solstice conjuncts the galactic center, the age of Aquarius begins and a starship navigator first records, “Captain’s log, STARDATE …”

      • If this question isn’t relevant to the importance of 2012, as you see it, then that answer will be good enough for me, but I was wondering: Do you believe that ancient peoples (especially astrologers) knew about the “Galactic Equator”, and if so, was that “Equator” identical with the plane that we now call by that name?

      • Astrological tradition calls the Milky Way “via lactea”. Hamlet’s Mill explores this in detail. I prefer not speculating about the “ancients”. I suggest you envision the Galaxy as a level of being and consciousness both inside you and outside you. She would appreciate the acknowledgment. This is what 2012/2013 is about.

  6. A question of more basic nature: As an astrologer you are primarily working from the Earth’s perspective and/or the solar system in relation to the Milky Way. How would this astrology work on one of those exoplanets found in other solar systems, or on a planet in a distant galaxy far far away? Are these then united or aligned in one of your other dimensions? And what about other beings than humans?

    • Thank you for imagining that I may actually have an answer to this question. Time measuring systems based on the movements of the Earth, Moon and planets obviously should be limited astrologically to this solar system. What is unique about the Maya system is that it is based on galactic movements of energy and does not have the same limitation as all the other known calendars and astrologies on Earth. The Maya calendar works on Maia, Sirius and Antares from what I have been told. One of the benefits of working with the Maya system is this potential attunement to galactic frequencies. What I suspect is that the Maya calendar contains the true harmonics of this multiverse and may very well work for Hans Solo’s hyperdrive calculations. I see it as the “music” that celestial bodies dance to, and therefore more precise harmonically than the measurements attained from the slightly off measurements of the physical “dancers”.

      • If I am not on-line, happy 25-year anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence. “What a long strange trip its been.” Its the day the Sun reaches the 144th degree of the zodiac for the 5^2 time. 144d00m00s. ❤

  7. Where’s the “John” around here?


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