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2012 – Raul Julia-Levy the man who offers us yet another archaeological distortion

Readers of this blog may recall that I have covered the circus surrounding the Mexican soap opera actor Raul Julia-Levy’s upcoming TV documentary which supposedly will reveal evidence that the ancient Maya, particularly at Calakmul, received visitors from another world. I have been wondering exactly what this “evidence” consists of. Yesterday I received an email from a Frenchman who sent along a document, written by two Mexican archaeologists that Julia-Levy uses to back up his documentary (my Google search reveal that they are peripheral archaeologists). This document has been published in the French sensationalist magazine Science et Inexpliqué no. 29, Sept-Oct 2012 where Julia-Levy is described as the man who offers us the archaeological truth. LOL.

The two archaeologists (Jose Agustin Anaya Cancino and Iveth Adriana Sanchez Lopez) describe and offer an interpretation of the iconography of Substructure II C-1 at Calakmul, or as they call it: the Temple of the Extraterrestrial Maya Inscriptions. This substructure contains a façade which is the main objective of their report since it apparently contains evidence that the Maya were influenced by a higher order civilization. The substructure dates to the end of the Middle Formative/early Late Formative period (ca. 390 BC).

First they describe two zoomorphic temple masks that flank a central staircase. According to them, each mask shows semi-human face or humanoid faces that have slanted eyes, broad nose and a feline mouth. These are quite typical architectural features of Formative period temples and the feline mouth is a trait showing influence from the Olmec area. The archaeologists here says these are not typical of Classic Maya art (obviously not since these are several centuries older), nor are they Olmec (they are rather Olmecoid in Mesoamerican terminology). The staggering conclusion these people draw is that these are traits that must belong to another civilization altogether! In fact, this is how most of the monumental Maya iconography looks like from this period. This is nothing strange at all. It would be like comparing Archaic Greek art with Hellenistic Greek art and claiming that the earlier is extraterrestrial since it is different from the latter…

The frieze itself is 23 m long and 3 m high. It apparently describes characters emerging from the mouths extraterrestrials in their view. The Maya interacted with intelligent beings from other dimensions. Hence, they are not ancestors emerging from the mouths of centipedes/snakes/or composite animals with feathered wings as a Mayanist would interpret them. Apparently the authors of the text believe this frieze depicts real beings. Do they believe unicorns and dragons are real as well? Odd question you might think, but just take a look at Rob Bast’s forum…

They end the paper by stating that the temple was covered by stone and dirt, intentionally buried. They do not note that this is a common practice in Maya architecture. This is why most Maya temples grew in size over a period of several centuries. I am sure 2012ers will interpret this as if the Maya had something to hide from us. You can never convince conspiracy minded people.

If you want more trustworthy information about this structure and see the frieze itself, look at figure 3 in this document (page 16).

Structure II that covers the “alien” frieze


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