Posted by: Johan Normark | October 10, 2012

2012 – October is the most popular month

In the second episode of Kobra’s coverage of the “Judgement Day”, we are told that October is the most popular month for the “end of the world predictions”. The Swedish artists Bigert and Bergström made a calendar for this year where several previous failed predictions are mentioned and according to them October stands out. You may remember Camping’s failed prediction for October 21 last year. Although Calleman did not predict the end of the world, he suggested that a transformation of consciousness would begin on October 28 last year.

Hence, judging by statistics, the Maya got the end date wrong (please, note a sense of irony here). Maybe the Aztecs got it right? Considering how often the Aztec Sun stone is mistaken for the Maya Long Count, we can only hope that this faulty usage has not been in vain. I have for some time argued that the next time the Aztec “fifth Sun” potentially could come to an end is in 2027. I have not bothered checking when it actually happen in that year (since I could not find any reliable source). This will happen the next time we have the year bearer 2 Reed (Acatl). 5 Nemontemi (the Aztec version of 5 Wayeb) is the last day of the year and the next time we have 5 Nemontemi in the year 2 Acatl is on October 2, 2027 (if this website gives me the correct date that is, but I am not an expert on Aztec calendars). So, judging by the statistics for the “end of the world predictions”, we have a new candidate for wild speculations. People can continue to nurture their apocalyptic fears for another 15 years before the “fifth Sun” ends in movement (Ollin). If you are inclined to these fears, you better check the statistics for earthquakes.  Oh wait, there are people doing that already…



  1. Maybe one shall go to Pic Bugarach and see if something will happen …


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