Posted by: Johan Normark | October 12, 2012

2012 – Give the Maya Calendar one of Nobel Prizes

Neither John Major Jenkins’s galactic alignment theory nor Carl Johan Calleman’s Tree of Life theory did win the Nobel Prize in physics this year. Since the European Union for some weird reasons has been given the Nobel Peace Prize the Maya calendar cannot win that this year either. Because many people believe we are facing Armageddon in December it may have a correct decision. The only prize left this year is the one in economics. The combined Armageddon/Apocalypse will really mess things up in the economy. Since Calleman claims he foresaw the economic collapse by using his version of the calendar we might have a winner. Remember where you read this first.



  1. The Galactic Alignment is a good, and solid invention.
    Maybe next year John Major Jenkins will get a Nobel Prize for inventing it.

  2. I ‘spose I can maybe see how this might just possibly make the Nobel committee think twice about awarding a guy the Peace Prize … 🙂

  3. Maybe not the Peace Prize, but perhaps the one in medicine/chemistry for experimenting with psychedelics.

    • His Work At Interpeting The Ball-cout @Itzapa In Relation To the Naked Eye Astronomy Should Be Worth Some Respect.If We Can Not Respect One Another, How Can We Respect The Bolan Ti Ku And the Creators.Your Site Is Becoming Snarky Ad Efite With Not Much Consideration For The Common People.


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