Posted by: Johan Normark | October 17, 2012

Huge “new” pyramid in Quintana Roo

Media reports on a roughly 50 m tall Late Formative pyramid in the northern part of Quintana Roo, Mexico. The site of Kantunilkín lies within the Holbox Fracture Zone and has water nearby. If the information is correct (I remain sceptic until I have more information), this structure would be taller than Nohoch Mul at Coba which is considered to be the tallest Prehispanic building in the northern Maya lowlands.



  1. Thank you Johann, I’ll share it amonsgst Portuguese friends because they’re not much familiarised with the subject, but they’re getting more and more interested. But we have little or none information, so I’ll post it in my facebook. Best Regards from Sandra Leite, Lisbon

    • Neither have I. I suspect the height is exaggerated. The site should have been surveyed before but I have no access to that information. Let’s wait for a formal report. Media tends to distort things…

  2. Kantunil Kin has some really big architecture, in the megalithic style (like Izamal). Also like Izamal, its mostly covered by modern settlement. There’s a map and a brief description in the Atlas for QR. that includes an interior chamber.

    • Thanks Dave. Yes, I saw that later on when I looked uo the site a bit more. I also think I passed the site on the road to Isla Holbox.


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