Posted by: Johan Normark | October 17, 2012

Neomaterialism/New Materialism

One of the most discussed topics on this blog is what I term Neorealist Archaeology (or Neomaterialist Archaeology as I used to call it a year ago). This is what the blog is suppose to deal with although the 2012-phenomenon receives most interest by readers. Because of Harman’s critique that materialism both undermine and overmine objects I have ditched neomaterialism in favor of neorealism. One of the main influential sources in neorealism/neomaterialism for the past decade and a half is Manuel DeLanda (just check the tag-cloud on the right side). He has been interviewed, along with Rosi Braidotti, Karen Barad and Quentin Meillassoux, in a book about New Materialism. It is available online. I just wish this book had been released earlier since there is discussion of gender issues (Braidotti and Barad are well known feminists). Some of their ideas may very well have suited my neorealist approach to Maya warrior queens. Instead I rely on DeLanda and Protevi. It is too late to make major changes now but it will be a good source for my next article on gender archaeology.


  1. Been enjoying many of your fine articles… thanks!

  2. Thanks, I will expand my philosophical blog coverage with some dark ecologies as well.


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