Posted by: Johan Normark | October 18, 2012

2012: Aura expert Daniel Pinchbeck analyzes the latest presidential debate

Yesterday’s The Daily Show had a funny section where John Oliver has put together a focus group that analyzes who will win the presidential debate just after Obama and Romney have shooked their hands. 2012 prophet Daniel Pinchbeck is part of the group. At 11:22 (numerological coincidence? I think not), Pinchbeck says that Obama will win the debate because his chakra expresses confidence. Why did not they have John Major Jenkins there? I am sure he could have pointed out how similar this is to Popol Vuh…?



  1. Too bad Pinchbeck didn’t realize what a sham he was wasting his chakra readings on.

    “The Lame Rules for Presidential Debates: A Perfect Microcosm of US Democracy”

    “Secret Debate Contract Reveals Obama and Romney Campaigns Exclude Third Parties, Control Questions”

    The Complete M-O-U S-E-E (from Time magazine)

    Maybe this kind of info doesn’t show up in candidates’ chakras? I wonder if Pinchbeck even has a clue that plenty of people have ended up better informed than he is without having to take expensive trips to Magic Mushroom Land.

  2. Oh no, it’s just like pro wrestling!

    I thought Pinchbeck was an Anarchist? Or at least a lot of people on his site are.


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