Posted by: Johan Normark | October 23, 2012

2012: Lectures, TV-interview and a burning museum

As I mentioned earlier I will give a lecture on the 2012-circus at the University of Gothenburg next Wednesday. Yesterday I was invited to give two more lectures, one at the Observatory Museum in Stockholm and one at Karlstad University. I have no dates to give you right now. I am  going to Stockhom tomorrow for a meeting with the Swedish Central Bank who finances my water project. After that I will be interviewed by a journalist working for Kulturnyheterna (“Culture News”) on Swedish Television (SVT) about the 2012 circus. The interview was planned to be held at the Ethnographic Museum. However, 1.5 hour ago the museum was caught on fire! I had planned to see more of the museum after the interview since I have not been there in twenty years or so. Caramba!



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