Posted by: Johan Normark | November 18, 2012

2012: New research on the correlation issue

Simon Martin and Joel Skidmore have published a new study on the correlation constant between the Maya Long Count calendar and the Christian calendar(s). I have not read it yet but I will cover it in a post, probably next week. They seem to favor the 584286 (or GMT+3) constant. According to this the 13 Baktun date will fall on December 24, 2012. Thus, there is no direct connection to the winter solstice…

Update (November 22): I have read the article and I will not cover it in another post since most of the issues have been dealt with in my coverage on Aldana’s work (which is not even referred to in the article). Basically, the conclusion is that we should use the GMT+3 constant when we correlate daytime events and the GMT+2 constant when we correlate nighttime events because the tzolkin and the haab began at different times of the day, something I have already covered here.



  1. Aha, the end of the world is correlated to the Swedish christmas rather than the solistice! You sit there peacefully on December 24 and eat your Yule boar, and suddenly … great!

  2. I realize that Martin and Skidmore didn’t write their artilce for laymen (like me), but that having been said, I’m bewildered by the absence of any reference to Gerardo Aldana’s work, which you noted here:

    Have Aldana’s concerns about the evidence needed to derive a correlation already been laid to rest? If so, do you know where anyone has published an an analysis that led to that conclusion?

    The fact that Martin and Skidmore considered nedessary their detailed analysis of available evidence (astronomical, historical, archaeological, and linguistic) seems to indicate that Aldana’s concerns about the available evidence are still outstanding. Therefore, I wish Martin and Skidmore had made a statement or two pointing out where their work responds to issues that Aldana raised.

    • Me to. I was going to comment on the absence of Aldana in a later post. I do not know why he was left out. He mentioned Poco Uinic in his article and later Barbara MacLeod commented on it. Barbara is one of the persons who read through Martin and Skidmore’s article before it was published. I think that Aldana did not consider the idea of the tzolkin and haab having different starting points (I may remember incorrectly, pardon me if I do). That said, he should have been referred to since he nicely summarized the plausible problems of the GMT-correlation(s).

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