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2027: The advent of the fourth World and the virtual God

When I post this the winter solstice occurred two hours ago (11:12 GMT) while I was with Västnytt shooting some scenes for their broadcast later tonight. If you are around to read this blog post, this means that the world did not end and things remains more or less the same. There was no apocalypse or transformation of consciousness. People will now look for new dates, either following the 260-days long tzolkin, or claim that 2013 contains 13 just as the 13 baktun date that just ended. The chosen few that have better knowledge about the GMT (Goodman-Martinez-Thompson) correlation issue will postpone the “end” to December 24. Someone might claim the whole GMT family of correlations are wrong and opt for a much later “end”, such as these Czechs who claim the Long Count calendar correlation is off by two calendar rounds and will occur in roughly 104 years. Few will claim that we have been living in a postapocalyptic world for two centuries already.

Most of the apocalyptic/transformation of consciousness ideas have been based on religious and esoteric metaphysics. Since nothing actually happened (or will happen), you may start to reconsider that this kind of metaphysics is not what is at stake after all. Some 2012-prophets, who strongly believe in this kind of metaphysics, condemn “materialism”, or rather “scientific materialism”. However, maybe the “speculative materialism” that I have outlined in the past posts is something you should take a look at. The previous posts can be found here, here, and here.

Meillassoux proposes a fourfold diagram of possible attitudes towards God (and the “divine” in general I assume). (1) the atheist position is to not believe in God because God does not exist. (2) the theist position is to believe in God because God does exist. (3) the Luciferian position is to not believe in God because God exists. (4) the Meillassouxian position is to believe in God because God does not exist. This is the virtual God, the inexistent God that may or may not come to existence in the future. If it occurs it will be an ex nihilo event, impossible to predict.

In his not yet published dissertation thesis “The Divine Inexistence”, Meillassoux outlines a history of cosmos and Western philosophy that sets his agenda in context. He divides the cosmos into stages of advent of a World. An advent is something without reason and radically novel in relation to what existed before. A World is the advent of something that constitutive for humans. There are four orders that ruptures becoming and those are matter, life, thought and justice. The fourth has not yet emerged and it may never emerge.

According to Meillassoux, the history of “Western” philosophy has been dominated by three Symbols: cosmological, naturalistic, and historical. These are all “intra-worldly” advents and do not follow the same rules as the advents of Worlds (matter, life, etc.). Isaac Newton destroyed the cosmological Symbol by decomposing planetary orbits. Rousseau later set up a difference between the natural and the social. This became the naturalistic Symbol. The corrupt earth was no longer opposed to the majestic sky. This Symbol was eventually replaced by the historical Symbol where disembodied historical processes restores the meaning that first was stripped from the sky and then from nature. As we await a fourth World, Meillassoux proposes a fourth symbol: the factial symbol, which is non-metaphysical.

We have lost the certainty of understanding the real. When a Symbol begins to die we encounter new alternative nightmares: traditionalism and sophistical immoralism. In our time traditionalism would be the emergence of religious fundamentalism, creationism, etc. The latter includes postmodernists but would, in my view, include the 2012-prophets that provide easy solutions by persuasive rhetoric, etc. This is what 2012ers accuse academics for but it is, in fact this group of beliefs that creates irrational nightmares. The reason why all these Symbols have failed is because they have been metaphysical and dependent on a belief in real necessity. Reason has collapsed in favor of an irrational transcendence. The 2012-circus and all its irrationalism is an indication that Meillassoux’s historical Symbol is beginning to die.

Meillassoux suggests that religion devaluate the human. Actually, both theism and atheism are problematic since they falsely believe that their positions exhaust all possibilities and that their positions by necessity are true. Atheism is a defensive strategy used by people satisfied with the unsatisfying territory that religion has created. For Meillassoux religion is not a camp in war with atheism. It is the battlefield where two camps meet. Atheism accepts the negative version of immanence which is proposed by religion. Hence, atheism is not a meaningful option.

Instead of exhausting all possibilities by adhering to necessity, Meillassoux says that the existence of God is possible, not that God exists now but that God may exist in the future. God is virtual rather than possible. Our link with God is with an inexistent God where we all are forerunners of God. Strangely, Meillassoux argues that to believe that God exists is blasphemy and idolatry.

He wishes to restore a necessary superiority. The human is the factial but the ultimate effect of advent. Because thought is different from what came before it (life), there is no other entity that can make a leap beyond thought itself. That would be justice and this only exists for thinking beings. Therefore, every human deserves justice because the value of humans has no cause since cause always is inferior to its effect. Humans acquire value because they understand the eternal. They have value because they know, not what they know.

Philosophical ethics must be an ethics of immortality, a life with no elsewhere. Meillassoux calls this ethics “divine ethics” because it seeks immortality for only this life. He argues that since everything is logically possible this goes for the rebirth of bodies as well. This would be a fourth World because if a World arose from the three earlier ones, it could only be the rebirth of humans, the World of justice. It has not yet emerged but it exists as an object of hope. This is the hope that 2012ers tend to maintain.

As a whole, Meillasoux’s speculative materialism is an ontology that few people would agree with and neither do I. I mainly agree with his critique of correlationism but from there I rather follow the object-oriented path. However, for those 2012ers who have sought the solutions in esoteric transcendent metaphysics to become transrational and have utterly failed to do so (since why are you still here and not elsewhere?), my summary provides you another path for eternal life (never mind the critique launched by philosophers like Peter Hallward and Martin Hägglund which I have ignored here). One only has to await the advent when the inexistent God becomes existent. I highly doubt that post-2012ers will abandon their desire of having a date to focus on. Even though ex nihilo events cannot be predicted in advance, why not opt for October 2, 2027? I am sure one can combine the Aztec Five Suns with Meillassoux’s four Worlds. Why not? It is entirely possible in Meillassoux’s hyper-Chaos.



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  2. “Someone might claim the whole GMT family of correlations are wrong and opt for a much later “end”, such as these Czechs who claim the Long Count calendar correlation is off by two calendar rounds and will occur in roughly 104 years.”

    Shoot. I was ‘off’ by four years.

    • The Mayan-Hindu cycle of 37,960 days ends in 103 years, 11 months, 5 days after december 23rd, 2012 on November 28, 2116. This is offset one month to the 2011 october 28 calendar 1,872,000 day cycle.

      Isn’t that a coincidence?

  3. We missed the John Major Jenkins Galactic Alignment.
    But Nibiru will be coming into our Solar System in 900+ years.

    • Hi mr normark i have a question regarding a tribal calendar supposedly ending on march 31st 2013

      Correct Mayan Date is March 31 2013
      March 31 – The last day (13 Ahau) of the last Tzolk’in calendar to begin before the end of the current creation’s 13th b’ak’tun. Some believe that this date is more significant than that of December 21, 2012 (4 Ahau) because both calendar cycles will be complete it’s there any truth to that?

      • No. The tzolkin is cyclical which means that there is no beginning or end. The Long Count is not cyclical. We are in Baktun 14 now (according to the GMT correlation). The relevant tzolkin date for the 13 Baktun ending was 4 Ajaw and focusing on 13 Ajaw (a date of importance to contemporary Maya) is simply a way to grasp the last straw of hope that the “Mayan prophecy” is correct…

  4. Ok but why does this date hold any significance to the maya is this any sort of apocalyptic event on march 31st or the real threat was on december 21st 2012?

    • No, 13 Ajaw repeats every 260th day. There have never been any apocalyptic events associated with this Maya calendar.

  5. Check out these links mr. normark

    This is the first one that said march 31st 2013

    2 here is the article of joseph robert jochmans

    Some of the more vocal of the Mayan Elders have publicly spoken out against the promoters of 2012 because of their concentration on specific dates as a time of destruction. The Elders themselves support no one date as the end of the Thirteen Baktuns calendar for a very good reason—they have no idea when it will be.

    One of the tribal calendar systems, in fact, will not come to an end until March 31, 2013, while most of the others in use also have different termination dates.

    here is the full article on joseph jochmans

    • I repeat, 13 Ajaw has nothing to do with 13 baktun.

  6. So what are the implications of this new date we are on the 14 baktun right what does the 3/31/13 date holds for us then an apocalyptic event or something else was 2013 even mentioned by the mayas as an apocalypse what will happen to us on that date then?

    • I will not repeat this anymore: the ancient Maya never predicted an apocalyptic event. This is a Christian belief. Have you read this post? The future cannot be predicted. Whatever happens it will be an ex nihilo event which means that no one knows what will happen. The only thing I know for sure is that on the day following March 31, you will realize that this was a April Fools yoke.

  7. Dr.Normark.The Fifth Sun Did Not Appear On The Baktun End/Beginning.Fermi And Other Observers Are Mystified By The Tremendos Amount Of Electro-magnetic Emenating From The Center Of Our Milky Way Galaxy.That This Energy Has An Inner/outter Quality That Can Travel The Vast Emptyness Of Space To Be Captured By The Brain.
    You can View The Articals@Earth Changes Media.We All Have The Container For The Contents.
    Awaiting The Descent Of The Bolan ti Ku.

    • Ok because there were some of my classmates that were getting scared saying that the end of the world was this year it’s just too much

  8. Mr. normark i have an article below that im sure will caught your attention

    ’21 December was wrong. In March the world ends ”

    Comment on this article
    Mail Print

    All about

    DEURNE – The world is not perished on 21 December. And a Belgian was not really happy about: Patrick Geryl (58) from Deurne, our biggest believer in ‘doomsday’. When the sky on December 21 was not started to fade, he went into hiding. Just looking for peace, and also the reason why it went wrong. Only now he knows and he resurfaced. “We have miscalculated, it was on March 28.”
    The chance that the world would end on that fateful December 21, according Geryl ‘nonexistent’. “The Mayan calendar predicts. Three planets will align and is such a large solar storm cause here as well as all the life of the card swipe, “he said.

    But the only thing that day was wiped out, his prediction. “I had a few days earlier in mind that it would not work, there was no movement of the sun. The 21th I went to my girlfriend, and I’m a while remained. When I got home too much ringing. The press, but also people who had followed my theory. They were not evil. That is difficult if you against all odds still alive. But they obviously had a lot of questions. I understand that, I had one too. So I immediately went looking for the why. And now I know. There was a mistake. ”

    The Spaniards

    He himself is not responsible for that mistake, he says. And the Mayans had not. “Actually, it’s the fault of the Spaniards in the 1500s the Mayan calendar wrong on have converted to our Gregorian calendar. There are a few months difference. It happens late March. And I think on my own out. Two Mayan elders have come up with it. I have their claim examined and they are right. Three planets in a row was not enough for such a large solar storm. The sun must at that time have minimum between two other planets. Only then are the magnetic forces of the planets strong enough to initiate stabbing. And that was the case on 28 March, one hundred percent sure. ”

    A percentage that we have already heard, namely 21 December. “I’m very sure. I just can also calculate when there are earthquakes occur. That too has to do with the position of the planets. February 25, I calculate, for example one of more than 7 on the Richter scale. Write it in the calendar. The last months were very many of my predicted earthquakes are actually for. That strengthens my conviction. ”

    The right side of the sun

    Passionate he is clearly, though does mankind not very hard to fear. Even with 100 percent certainty covers himself this time immediately. “Of course that devastating solar flare occurs on the other side of the sun,” he explains. “The good side for us so. But come, is it not, then it’s just a matter of months for the price it is, you know. ”

    That his credibility is not that mustache more since last month, he realizes it. “It is great disbelief when I tell you all this. I realize that. Many people think that I will have it wrong again. But yes, I know that my great equalizer ever is. Only it is a pity that when the time comes, as well as no one will give me right. Because then hardly anyone lives there still. ”

    What do you think about mr. geryl’s newest theory/

  9. Mr. Normark i have a question based on the calculations the tzolkin ends every 260 years right? so the last time it ended was on 1753 am i right or wrong?

  10. Why no and no?

    • Because tzolkin is a cycle of 260 days, not years. It has no beginning and no end.

  11. Doesn’t the tzolkin ends every 260 years?

    • No, you are most likely confusing this with 260 tuns (or rather 13 katuns, 13 x 20 tuns). However, this is not 260 years since the tun is 360 days long. It is roughly 256 years.

  12. So basically the tzolkin previously ended recently?

    • I have already stated that the tzolkin has no end or beginning. Stop grasping at straws. Move on. I suggest you read a book on the Maya calendar(s) that is non-affiliated with New Age or end of the world scenarios. Begin with the Wikipedia entry on the Maya calendar. I will not answer your questions about basic functions of the calendars.

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