Posted by: Johan Normark | January 16, 2013

2012: The end

I have lost ALL interest in the 2012-phenomenon and I am tired of corresponding with people who believes in this nonsense despite the fact that the “end” date has expired. Two weeks ago I said that I will continue to follow the phenomenon for sixth months at least but now I cannot see myself put more effort into this stuff. My main concern has been the “distortions” of the calendar from an archaeological perspective (which then turned into “blogging about public archaeology”). For those people interested in the contemporary religious aspects I understand that their interest will remain. To me, however, this is probably over. I think I end my coverage now (on the blog at least). I may let comments through if they are not outrageous. Let’s see if I bother to put together a book, but don’t count on it.


  1. Interesting you should mention people believing in nonsense as I’ve been reading a book on Sabbatai Sevi who in the 17th century claimed to be the Messiah and started a movement that engulfed the whole of Jewry. When he’s made by the Turkish authorities to choose between death as a Jew or life as a Moslem, he chooses life. And although it just completely staggers the mind, there were lots of people who still believed he was the Messiah…

    • Some people are never persuaded by anything no matter what happens. One thing that seems to have happened in the post-2012 world is that some people are not just in denial, they have also become far more aggressive now that their pet ideas turned out to be complete bogus (which we knew all along). This is the real transformation of consciousness and I have decided to ban two of them on my blog.

  2. Although dialogue is desired, unfortunately it sometimes just can’t be had. If people not only refuse to listen to common sense or reason but are overly aggressive, causing one to lose an inordinate amount of time for what turns out to be absolutely nothing since they’re not going to be convinced even if their life depended on it, there’s really nothing else one can do but ban them.


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