Posted by: Johan Normark | February 7, 2013

2012: We have a winner among the false prophets

We have a winner among the false 2012/2011 prophets. Some of my oldest posts can be used to show the basic tendencies in the post-2012 era. Calleman’s peak came in October 2011 (his end date was October 28). That month my first post on him had 614 hits. Last month it had 29 hits, a drop of 95.3% from his end month. Since he set the end date earlier than others the general “Mayan calendar” mythology was still going strong and it helped this post to continue to receive more attraction than it should have done otherwise. My only post on Geryl peaked in March 2011 with 605 hits (perhaps it received many hits from an internet forum or the like, I do not remember). In december 2012 this post had 380 hits and last month it dropped to 56, which is a drop of 85.3%. My only post on McKenna had 754 hits in December and 214 last month, which is a drop of 71.6%. Unfortunately I never wrote a similar post on JMJ, Argüelles or Pinchbeck…

Conclusion: McKenna has the best chance of surviving the post-2012 era even though he is no longer with us…



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