Posted by: Johan Normark | February 11, 2013

The democratic Nabataean kingdom of the ancient Mayanesque pumpkins

Some of my earliest blog posts concerned the relationship between archaeology/history and heavy metal. In the latest video by the German metal act Helloween they manage to create a mess of everything. On the cover of the song Nabataea they are standing in front of Petra but in the video Petra is not seen anywhere. Instead we see Maya (or rather Mayanesque) buildings, the Aztec Calender stone (used as a turning disk), Greek columns, Scandinavian Iron Age ornaments, the usual pumpkins, etc. The Nabataean kingdom is also described as the first democracy, 3500 years ago… (how hard is it to use Wikipedia?). Had I known this back in 2001 I could have told Michael Weikath and Andi Deris some facts about the Maya as I was sitting near them on my flight between Mexico City and Amsterdam. Anyway, the new album is OK.



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