Posted by: Johan Normark | February 20, 2013

Settlement topology and rotted communities

Earlier today I presented my paper on “the rotted town and the congregated town in early Colonial Yucatan, Mexico.” Before the abstract was printed I had added “Settlement topology” to the title. I decided to skip the discussion of what I mean by that term to keep the presentation simple and straightforward. However, I will add that discussion in the article I will prepare for the future anthology that will be the result of this conference. What is settlement topology? It is the opposite of settlement typology…

I will also include a discussion of what the actual rotted “towns” (or communities) were. I suspect they were locations where we today find late Postclassic miniature shrines, such as Nohcacab, Sisal and Yo’okop in the Cochuah region. Nohcacab is particularly interesting since this site is located in-between Ichmul (which became a cabecera de doctrina in 1579) and one of Ichmul’s visitas, Sacalaca.


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