Posted by: Johan Normark | April 24, 2013

Deactivating my facebook account

I just deactivated my facebook account in case you have been one of my contacts. The reason is simple. I ended up spending more time there than I definitely needed. A couple of months ago I began by “defriending” half of my contacts (friends of friends and so on). That did not reduce the time spent on facebook to any significant degree. Hence, the only solution was to deactivate it. It has not been completely deleted so I may activate it in the future. 

Update: This sucks. I have connected my spotify account to facebook and I had to activate facebook to be able to listen. Any ideas of how to change the account setting in spotify (I have looked around and found no solution)…



  1. Facebook is nothing but a time sink and a great way to learn to despise your friends and/or family. I mostly use it to promote my blog and share archaeology news/photos but I’ve hidden most of my real-life friends from the live feed as their updates are usually nothing more than a needless distraction.

  2. Yes, I found out a lot of things about people I thought I knew… I am still there but I have decided to mentally deactive myself from it.


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