Posted by: Johan Normark | April 26, 2013

God is dead(?)

My attempt to deactivate my facebook account failed because I had connected my spotify account to facebook. Since a few days back I have been listening to Black Sabbath’s new single on spotify and hence I need to stay connected with facebook. Anyway, that new single is called God is dead? On the cover one can see an image of Nietzsche who famously stated that God is dead. I have largely moved away from my short Nietzschean period (which primarily was connected to Deleuze). A more provocative title would have been to follow a Meillassouxean perspective: God has not yet emerged. Maybe we will see a new Black Sabbath single in 2027 with such a title. However Ozzy, Tony and Geezer will be 77-78 years old and I wonder if they will be around for that ex nihilo advent (which may very well be nihilistic in a Nietzchean sense)…


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