Posted by: Johan Normark | June 1, 2013

Is there a treatment for 2012ers?

2012ers are for sure not religious fundamentalists but some of the people I have encountered on this blog and elsewhere do seem to have some serious problems. Some seem “brainwashed” or at least strongly persuaded by ideas proposed by the main “prophets” of this phenomenon or they try to persuade/brainwash you with some bizarre logic. This research by Kathleen Taylor will probably be a good reference in case I continue with my coverage of the 2012 (or 2027) phenomenon. Seen from this perspective the behaviour of some of the 2012ers make more “sense”. But perhaps there is hope for them after all. They can be treated.



  1. I can’t find it now, but I thought I read a blog entry in which you said that you’d be closing “2012” entries to further comments as of the 21st. This recent piece by John Major Jenkins might be a good final note:

    As unethical and vindictive as he’s proven to be (, one would be justified in suspecting that his version of the end of his marriage is as self-serving and distorted as his account of the sufferings and betrayals he experienced as the person whom “2012” selected (!) to bring us his groundbreaking message.

    • I do not know how to close off certain blog entries from comments without closing them all. I probably must do it for each post. However, the only 2012-related posts that seems to attract attention these days are the ones where 2012 is not the main idea (i.e. my posts on McKenna, Osmanagic and the “Georgian Maya pyramids”). It should not be too difficult to close them. Judging from my blog stats, JMJ, Calleman, Geryl, etc. have suffered the most (as expected). I will not be kicking on people who already are down and out.

      • Of course JMJ, etc. are “down and out” only by the standards of the rather privileged class to which they belong. I help many hard-working, dirt-poor people where I live who truly are victims of “the powers that be”, and who will never get out of that condition. However, they also recognize their own wrongdoings; take responsibility for them; ask forgiveness for them; make amends for them; and don’t believe the world owes them adulation for doing so. Admirable people, whom I’m proud to know and serve.

        That route is always open to JMJ. If he’d rather blame everyone else for the predictable consequences of his heavy drug use and other unwise decisions; and now wishes to criticize his ex-wife publicly for not helping him make a more money as a snake-oil salesman, then that’s no one’s fault but this own.

      • I agree with you but my “closing” of the coverage 2012-circus will be quiet. In fact, I will be writing it as soon as I am done with this comment.


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