Posted by: Johan Normark | June 19, 2013

Being productive

During the past week I have submitted six articles for four peer-reviewed journals and one anthology. Tomorrow I will also do the final editing of a non-peer reviewed article written for another anthology. Yesterday I also finished the proof-editing of a peer-reviewed article that will be available later this year. Here are the titles of the articles which hopefully give you an idea of their contents (I’ll skip the titles of the journals and anthologies in case they are rejected…).

Not only the home of the Earth Lord: caves as holy places, holey spaces and emergent wholes (anthology #1).

Miniature shrines in the Cochuah region (anthology #1)

The Chicxulub impact and its different effects on Prehispanic and Colonial settlement in the Yucatan peninsula (journal)

The Spanish Colonial period’s relevance for the mega-drought hypothesis for the Maya collapse (journal)

Maya caves and the cosmological trap (journal)

Hyperobjects, the hydrological cycle and political affect at Yo’okop (journal)

An object-oriented gender study of Queen Chop the Earth at Yo’okop, Mexico (anthology #2)

2012 and the Maya collapse: ecology in the end times (to be published in O-Zone: A Journal of Object Oriented Studies)



  1. Impressive. Here I felt a sense of accomplishment getting a grant and 78-page paper submitted on Friday and half-way on my way to 7 papers this year.

  2. I have been working on some of these articles for several years. It was about time. Now I am done to only four articles and three books currently in preparation (better than last week’s eleven articles and three books…).

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