Posted by: Johan Normark | June 21, 2013

2012: Closing comments on Midsummer Eve

In less than five hours from now the summer solstice will pass and we are six months into the post-2012 era. It happens on this year’s Midsummer Eve so it is an event to celebrate. Unless some significant “2012-related” events occur in the near future I would say that the 2012-phenomenon died quickly. Judging from the stats on this blog for the last quarter, the popularity of the best well-known 2012-proponents have declined dramatically. John Major Jenkins, Carl Johan Calleman and Patrick Geryl, these people or their ideas are not even within the top 25 search-terms (which they were a year ago). The only “survivors” are people or ideas where the “end date” of the Maya Long Count calendar was not their main driving argument. These are people like McKenna, Osmanagic, Currivan and ideas like the Maya pyramids in Georgia. What do we learn from this? Never set an end date for your particular business (what a surprise…). Hence, it may seem like I have not learnt my own lession when I now say that I will close all comments older than three months. I want to close only those related to “2012” but apparently that was not doable. Have I stopped covering “2012”? Yes and no. I am not actively looking for “2012” information but I have at least two articles on the issue. One has already been proof-read… If nothing dramatically happens in the “mayanism” business in the next decade or so, I expect to see you in 2027.


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