Posted by: Johan Normark | August 14, 2013

Still being productive

I am continuing to be productive. Before the end of September I plan to send off four new articles for review. These are the preliminary titles:

Managing water, time and identity in the Prehispanic Maya lowlands (journal)

Settlement topology: The rotted town and the congregated town in Yucatan, Mexico (anthology)

Caves as indicators of settlement fluctuations related to climate change in the Cochuah region, Mexico (journal)

A nomadology of Maya causeways (journal)

However, today I laid out the structure of three articles that will not be ready until next year. These are the preliminary titles:

Water in artifacts and architecture

Water and smoothing processes

Agrarian practice, encounters and social logics: Europe and the Americas 1500-1800 (co-author is Per Cornell)



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