Posted by: Johan Normark | September 4, 2013

2012: Mass extinction and ancient Egypt

Two recent archaeological news indirectly relate to the 2012-phenomenon. A couple of days ago a new study concerning the mass extinction of the megafauna caused by a comet/asteroid impact  12,900 years ago made it into my feed. I remember having discussed this topic a couple of times on a 2012-forum.

Today a new timeline for pre-dynastic Egypt has also been presented. The emergence of the Egyptian polity went quicker than earlier believed. The first ruler, king Aha, is believed to have reigned for 50 years around 3100 BC (that date has been around before).

Just wait and see how long it takes for the “alternative” fringes to make the connection between the mass extinction (alien intervention?), the almost simultaneous event of the first dynasty of Egypt and the beginning of the Maya Long Count (this connection has been done before) and the wars USA and its allies are fighting in the near east



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