Posted by: Johan Normark | September 4, 2013

2027: Proof that 2027 is the year of armageddon

My “new” interest in the 2011/2012 phenomenon was sparked by relating two completely separate studies to what 2012ers and others have been saying for quite some time. I took the opportunity to look what  the “2011-prophet” is doing right now. Calleman is apparently planning to release a series of books regarding the emergence of human civilization (which he seems to trace back to roughly 3100 BC…). Now, since I am currently into a more nihilistic perspective where I sense no meaning with existence (quite the opposite of Calleman) I may recall my previous posts regarding the advent of the fourth world and the virtual God. They all revolved around the date of October 2, 2027, a Gregorian date, whose Aztec equivalent indicates something may happen (or not). The nihilistic approach indicates that extinction of existence is the ultimate condition. There is no meaning behind this  so is October 2, 2027, the ex nihilo advent of the final extinction then rather than a fourth world?

I looked around to see what information there already is about the year of 2027. A solar eclipse will occur on August 2, only two months before the “end”. Luxor in Egypt will be the place to be to observe this.  Jesus will also return. Need I say more? A connection with an ancient capital of Egypt cannot be a coincidence? Only five days later, on August 7, an asteroid will pass near the earth (or will it hit the earth and “move” it. I may be onto something here.


  1. Stay in a padded room with nothing more dangerous than crayons

    • I may also need a straight jacket and some medicin… Wow, how easy it is to be a prophet. I shall give you an advice: do not believe everything you read.

      • I jumped in too soon. I should have read the comments posted by Bill Hudson et al on Facebook before posting here. I realise your posting is very firmly tongue-in-cheek. I apologise 🙂

      • No problem.

  2. So there are already multiple of these, erm, rationally-challenged people agreeing on 2027. Well, let’s hope they won’t get that much media attention as 2012…

    Guess the date after that will be asteroid Apophis in 2029, which some already linked to yet another of Jesus’ returns (and all the other stuff asteroids do (or don’t), of course). If it continues like that, the earth will be filled with Jesuses by mid-century. 🙂

    • If one can connect an asteroid with an “important” date in some ancient calendar that would be best way to create a hoax. If that does not work, change the structure of the calendar instead so that it is compatible with one’s preferred event. Calleman did that with the Maya calendar. I am wondering how many will jump on the 2027 bandwagon.


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