Posted by: Johan Normark | October 5, 2013

Gunung Padang

One of the most intriguing archaeological sites I have visited is called Gunung Padang in West Java. I went there on July 7 during my vacation in Malaysia and Java. Although the site has been known since at least 1914 it is not very well known among people interested in ancient history. Unfortunately the available English information about the site is confusing and sometimes riddled with pseudoarchaeological speculations. If you check out Wikipedia you will get the impression that this site is at least 13,000 years old and possibly the “cradle of civilization” (if you see such claims you can be sure that it is not an archaeologist doing the writing). Fortunately I ran into the archaeologist (Dr. Ali Akbar) who is in charge of the survey and excavation of the site. He could inform me that this megalithic site dates to around 500 BC.

There is a series of terraces that leads up to the top. This form of construction (“step pyramid”) can be found in later Hindu architecture as well. It seems that the site is aligned towards the volcano Gunung Gede. The surface of the site and the walls of some of the terraces are filled with andesite columns. Since little information is available I will simply post some images without information. Go and visit this site NOW!









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  2. untuk wilayah sulawesi apakah pernah bapak kunjungi?



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