Posted by: Johan Normark | October 10, 2013

Maya chaosmos

I finally got around to scan an older article of mine since one of the funds wanted a copy of the text.  I just posted it on my page. It deals with my cave and climate change project. A note to the reader: I am currently doing the final editing of another article on the Chicxulub impact which will use a more updated map of the hydrogeological effects of the region. The map shown on page 96 was based on the idea that four rings formed after the impact. That idea has now been dropped by geologists. However, the idea of a geological (and hydrogeological) difference between the northern and southern part of the Cochuah region stands.

Update: The first version I uploaded came directly from the scanner. Cameron Griffith was kind to send me a cleaned up version which I have uploaded instead of the former one. Thanks Cam.



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