Posted by: Johan Normark | October 17, 2013

Candi Sukuh

Contrary to Gunung Padang the information regarding the Hindu temple (candi) of Sukuh is more easily accessible (and less affected by pseudo-archaeological claims). This “Hindu” temple, built around 1437, is located on the western slope of Gunung Lawu east of Solo (Surakarta). Hence, it is roughly 2000 years younger than Gunung Padang in western Java. Despite the presence of Hindu and Buddhist influences in-between their construction periods, both sites have a terraced (“step-pyramidal”) layout.

There are other temples on the slope of Gunung Lawu (such as Balinese looking Candi Ceto). They belong to the last phase of Hindu temple constructions in Java before the royal courts of the island turned to Islam in the 16th century. The main structure is located at the far end of three terraces and it differs from the typical Javanese Hindu temples, probably because the religion had become influenced by other Javanese beliefs. Yes, it looks very much like a small Mesoamerican pyramid (more similar to pyramids at El Tajin than a Maya pyramid). 







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