Posted by: Johan Normark | November 8, 2013

Cochuah volume

Good news from last night (Swedish time that is): the volume on the archaeology and anthropology in the Cochuah region (edited by Justine Shaw) has been accepted for publication by The University of New Mexico Press. My contribution consists of two articles; a traditional one on Postclassic miniature shrines and a Deleuzean inspired one on the caves in the region. I thought about writing yet another article on the causeways for this volume but my colleague Alberto Flores covers that part this time.


  1. Johan Congratulations On Your Book.The Absence Of Surface Water In The Pucc Area Of The Yucatan Effected The Population To Enginener Major Water Management Projects Chultuns And Resivoirs.
    The Cenotes Being The Most Constant Source Of Potable Water Focused Their Perspective Underground As A Source Of Sustanance And All Potential.The Highland Maya Say Rainclouds Are Produced In Caves.In Times Of Drought Offerings And Sacrafices Were Preformed Deeper And Deeper Underground Their Water Pots Were Broken So Only The Spirits Could Use Them For The Good Of The Community.
    Regarde’ 8/Toj


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