Posted by: Johan Normark | November 18, 2013

The rise of the Maya (sorry, Viking) warriors

We have a new apocalyptic date contender. This time it apparently comes from Norse mythology. Be prepared on February 22, 2014. Watch the “Viking” blowing a Bronze Age lur. Only 1500 years or so separate them, but who cares..?

This group of apocalypteros really should have pushed this end date a bit earlier. There is no time to build up a whole “2014-phenomenon” with this short notice. No, you apocalyptic fans better go back to Mesoamerica again and prepare for 2027 instead. In the mean time you can experience some  Swedish music about both the Maya and the Vikings and violent stuff.

Here is a song about Viking warriors and Ragnarök made by the Swedish Death Metal band Amon Amarth.

Earlier today I stumbled upon a song about the “Maya” made by the Swedish Death Metal band Unleashed. It was released last year so it was probably inspired by the Maya apocalypse and Apocalypto as well. Apparently the Maya warriors were actually Vikings according to this “alternative” history…



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