Posted by: Johan Normark | October 23, 2014

2012 and the Maya Collapse Ecology in the End Times

This is not the final version of this article. It is to be published in a series of essay clusters on ecology from an object-oriented perspective. Some of these essays are available on O-Zone’s website. This version is incomplete as it lacks an abstract (which is available below), some page numbers. Most importantly, note that the reference “Whitesides and Jenkins” on page 7 is wrong. It should be “Whitesides and Hoopes.”


The 2012-phenomenon includes apocalyptic fantasies regarding an impending collapse of our contemporary society, supposedly prophesized by the ancient Maya and their Long Count calendar. Sometimes connections to the ancient Maya collapse are made. That also happens to be the quite common in academic circles. Some academic researchers believe we can learn from the past failures for future solutions. The objects that were involved in the ancient Maya collapse were not the same as now and therefore we have little to learn from the Maya collapse in relation to our own ecological crisis. The ancient and contemporary Maya’s sensual profiles of ecology, time and space were/are quite different from those found within the “2012-phenomenon” and academia.



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