Posted by: Johan Normark | March 15, 2015

Brief update: the time of tsunamis?

Apart from teaching and supervising a couple of theses I am currently wrapping up two projects: one of my own (Water as an archaeological object) and one as a participant (The early modern town). After this I will be able to focus on my project on time (The necromantic ordering of days). I also have an idea of a future project focused on rare events with broad impact that I can relate to my previous research on time (Black Swan events) and water (i.e. tsunamis). Remains of a tsunami deposits have recently been found in Yucatan but this project intends to focus on the phenomena worldwide (Japan, Indonesia, India, Mediterranean, Norway, etc.).

I recently came back from a 17 days trip to Hainan in China (where they celebrated the Chinese New Year). Later this year I will visit Indonesia and Malaysia again. Hopefully I will be able to squeeze in Myanmar as well since Bagan is one of my must see sites. One month from now I will also go to Nordic TAG in Copenhagen. Apart from my session I will join a plenary discussion regarding the next 30 years in theoretical discussion (I better polish my crystal ball)…


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