Posted by: Johan Normark | January 3, 2016

Returning to active blogging

Two years ago (December 21, 2013) I decided to stop active blogging due to an increasing burden of work, etc. I still have plenty to do but I feel that blogging actually helped my thought process because I often summarized or commented on research papers, etc. Now I feel a desire to continue with that activity although it will still be kept at a minumum.

The date of the previous decision was one year after the “end of the world”. Now we are more than three years into the “postapocalyptic” world and I have just published an article on blogging about the fringes of archaeology. I will most likely not write much about these fringes in the future unless there is some “2027” connection. I shall focus on research papers that I find interesting. However, January is a busy month so do not expect much until February.

My current interest pushes me into evolutionary theories and in particularly those associated with Bergson, Deleuze, Grosz, and Ingold. I have discussed these before but never in any depth. In the future I will also focus less on Maya archaeology as I am becoming less interested in that field.  



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