Posted by: Johan Normark | May 21, 2018

Annual update (sort of)

I have not written a blog post for almost one year. Here is a short update of what has happened during that time. 

Eventually two conference proceeding articles written years ago seems to be published this year. Although that has not affected my current work situation it is nice that they finally disappear from “in press” status. Before summer I hope to submit two other articles and edit 5-6 other articles that will be submitted in the fall.

Last year we went to Indonesia and Malaysia again, swam with two whale sharks and dozens of turtles in the Derawan archipelago east of Borneo. Before that we visited West Timor and Rote. We ended the trip with a few days in Kuala Lumpur so our son could practice some badminton which has become his main activity. 

I hope next update comes a little sooner…



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