Posted by: Johan Normark | November 26, 2012

New article on gender in Maya archaeology

I have added a new article on my site. This one is about Maya gender archaeology. It is called The Road of Life: Body-politic in the Maya area. Apart from some references to speculative realism and object-oriented ontologies, I mainly focus on DeLanda and Protevi. Here is the abstract:

Future gender studies in archaeology will, in one way or another, have to relate to current neorealist approaches in philosophy. In this article, I will use Manuel DeLanda’s assemblage theory and John Protevi’s framework of body-politic to show how neorealistic approaches can unite the somatic and the social through synchronic and diachronic perspectives. As a case study I shall focus on the Maya ruler B’ajlaj Chan K’awiil of Dos Pilas and his daughter Ix Wak Chan Ajaw of Naranjo in Guatemala. The lives of these rulers were conceptualized as roads along which certain events took place. Common in the hieroglyphic corpus are dates of birth, accession, marriage and death of male and female rulers. During B’ajlaj and Wak Chan’s roads of life they encountered several thresholds that created their unique assemblages and bodies-politic.


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