Posted by: Johan Normark | March 8, 2017

Wulong Karst

I recently came back from a trip to China. During our stay my wife, son, and I visited Wulong Karst which is located in the world’s largest municipality, Chongqing in China. Its main features are the Three Natural Bridges which have been named after dragons. The first one you enter as a tourist is actually a double arch (Sky Dragon Bridge). The arches are between 96 and 116 m in height and they span between 28 and 34 m in width.

You enter the entire karst system through an elevator that takes you down to the bottom of a gorge. Then you descend below the Sky Dragon Bridge. On one of the walls there is an “elephant”-like formation.

At the bottom of this first bridge is a set of buildings built in 2006 for the movie Curse of the Golden Flower. They are built in Tang style.

Not far from these buildings is a statue of a transformer since scenes for Transformers 4 was shot here (there is another transformer at the entrance of the park as well, before the elevator). Here is one of the scenes filmed at this location. There is a small waterfall near this statue.

The next bridge is called Green Dragon Bridge and after that follows the longest of them, Black Dragon Bridge. There is a tiny waterfall here. By the end of the trail there is a pool of water.



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