About Johan Normark

This is a blog created by a haecceity and archaeologist known as Johan Normark. I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Historical Studies at University of Gothenburg (formerly at Stockholm University as well). I am currently working on two research projects: one on caves and climate change, which is financed by the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA). The other project deals with water as an archaeological object and it is funded by the Swedish Central Bank (Riksbankens jubileumsfond). I am also affiliated with the project on the early modern town which I will focus on in 2013. Yet another side project is my focus on the 2012 phenomenon.

My dissertation thesis from December 2006 (Göteborg University) concerns causeways at two sites in southern Mexico (Ichmul and Yo’okop). The dissertation was also a development phase for what I now call neorealistic archaeology, largely inspired by the writings of Bergson, Deleuze, DeLanda and various philosophers under the umbrella term Speculative realism.

 The blog is dedicated to an archaeological perspective that downplays the importance of the human. It is posthuman, or prehuman in a sense since it focuses on processes that form objects. I claim that there is nothing essential in the human from where we can define the human. According to this reasoning, the human needs to be decentralized from the archaeological record in the initial phase of research. She cannot be used as an a-priori starting point. I take the consequence of this argument one step further away from what I call an essentialist anthropocentrism in archaeology. Anthropocentrism works from a static and generalized view of human and culture.

My main interests are (apart from ontological issues in archaeology): Mayanist research (including archaeology, anthropology, iconography and epigraphy) and travelling. This will of course affect my posts on this blog. My other interests that on occasion will find its way to this blog are palaeontology and astronomy. I am also an opponent to pseudoscience and new-age. I am open minded but only as far as material evidence can be proven. On occasion I also add posts on music (primarily metal) and other forms of entertainment.

My emails:

johan.normark@archaeology.gu.se (University of Gothenburg)




  1. What can I say? I love your site. I’m a scientist myself, although in a different branch, so that must be why. Keep up the good work!


    • Thanks Maverick. Keep up your good work with your website as well.

  2. Stumbled upon your site… very cool, keep up on the great articles and research. Thanks

  3. Enreal, thanks for your comment.

  4. Interesting site. You always post points worth dissecting. Anything Archeological is worth reading.

  5. Thank you for the kind words. I’ll try my best, and since most of what I write fit into my research it thankfully does not steal too much time.

  6. We are what we are, and it is what it is. I’m a latecomer to the illustrious Mayans and all that they were, and all that is coming into focus lately, that they were’nt. I had been looking, probably in the wrong places, for more connections acknowle-dging EL Mirador as the central player in the development, if not birth, of the Kaan kingdom. I am still searching, any leads for my curiosity? Thank-you for your insights. Stick to your instincts. The mayans, olmecs and their kin,lived their instincts!

  7. I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate the effort you put into de-bunking the Mayan calendar interpretations of Calleman and other such nonsense. It’s amazing how many people here in Sweden take it seriously.

    cheers from Torslanda

  8. I try to do my share of debunking the 2012 troll. To do so one needs to know some of these ideas “in depth” to meet the arguments. Many of my colleagues will not even bother reading the nonsense but then their critique will be easily criticized as well. There is still plenty of debunking to do and I have three years to go (for Calleman it is only two years left).

  9. I stumbled across your blog today while surfing from The Local to GP and find your subjects fascinating! I am an “expat” living in USA, but I have bookmarked your blog and will definitely be back to learn more about your interests and research.

  10. You are welcome back. I hope I have nothing more to report on bombs in Göteborg.

  11. Hej Johan, tack så mycket för dina 2012 motbevisningar, du ska veta att du hjälper många rädda personer.

    Jag har själv försökt att hjälpa så många som jag kan men det är ganska svårt att hjälpa folk i sin egen ålder 14/15 åringar d.v.s, dom ser mig inte som en respektabel källa men gör det något om jag tipsar om din sida?

  12. Det är helt OK.

  13. I guess you’ve already seen this (the “Worlds otherwise” session…): http://proteus.brown.edu/tag2010/7981. Thought I’d drop a line just in case. 🙂

  14. Yes, I know Chris Witmore (he is into Latour and Serres) and John Robb (editor of Cambridge Archaeological Journal where I got published in 2008). Witmore has been involved in Archaeolog run på Stanford. I made four contributions to that site a while ago: http://traumwerk.stanford.edu/archaeolog/the_posthuman/

    I got an invitation to participate in another session of the TAG conference: https://haecceities.wordpress.com/2009/12/19/time-warps/
    However, the only problem is the date of the conference. I may have other things to do at that time and I will only know about this when it is too late to book a flight. I guess I cannot go. Damn.

  15. Hi Johan,

    Please visit my website if you desire, its about
    ETI life form on earth and spaceships from other
    worlds that I have discovered!

    Regarding Patrick Geryls ideas, during my research an abductee aboard a spaceship was told by an ETI that soon something would happen
    on earth and “many will die” without giving any
    further details. I wish it was recorded.

    I didn’t think much of it at the time, but I do now.

    Good luck with your work.


  16. Do you refer to the earthquake on Haiti? When I was abducted by aliens last week an ETI, I think his name was Pat Robertson, said that the Haitians made a pact with the Devil (another ETI with the same attitude as Pat) two centuries ago. That is the reason according to me (true story).

    • Just saw your blog. I guess since you only accept material evidence you don’t believe you are conscious. While contemplating that, see if you can come up with a scientific experiment for the proof of the existence of mind-independent matter.

      • Yes, you are indeed guessing and not very good at it either. Define consciousness and mind first so we both agree on what you are trying to insinuate. Then define matter and I’ll try to see what kind of occasionalist you are. And no, archaeologists usually try to come up with experiments like that… I leave that to the philosophers, not the scientists. For your information, I am not an eliminativist but adhere to the idea of “panpsychism”, i.e. there is no ontological difference between mind and what you call matter. After reading Harman I am no longer a “materialist” (although I still use the term material as a generalized term for “physical” objects). Nowadays I am far more object-oriented (and not all objects are “physical”).

        Btw, I assume you are this guy: http://www.integralworld.net/salmon2.html
        From that background I guess you came to this blog after checking up on Pinchbeck and his chakra analysis? Why not post the comment in that blog post?

      • Hi Johann,

        No, I came to this from a search on materialism, actually. As far as your question, that was implicit in my question to you. I haven’t found a coherent definition of “matter” among materialists or panpsychists. For some reason, when one says “mind-independent” to a panpsychist, they think that it doesn’t apply to them. Somehow an object with “experiential” or pan experiential or mind-like qualities (pace Freeman Dyson) somehow is just “there” in “space” which itself has no mind-like qualities, as far as I can tell from panpsychists. But perhaps my guessing is wrong again – I had assumed you would think that paranormal phenomena like telepathy and psychokinesis are New-Age pseudo-scientific nonsense, and that NDEs have nothing to say about consciousness not being dependent on the image we refer to as “brain” or that Ian Stevenson’s rebirth research is unscientific drivel.

        But perhaps I’m wrong. As a panpsychist, what do you mean by “objects”?

      • by the way, the integralworld post more relevant to this question would be “Shaving Science With Ockham’s Razor”. I’ve been having, over the year or so since that essay was published, a conversation with a neuroscientist who considers himself a panpsychist. I actually had a more favorable impression of Whiteheadian/Griffin-type panpsychism prior to that series of conversations. But since writing the essay and considering more deeply what panpsychists are trying to convey, it seems to me more and more a species of materialism. But perhaps my understanding of panpsychism is as bad as my guessing:>))

      • I do not remember if I have defined object on my blog but I am largely using Graham Harman’s quadruple object as a raw model and add other object-oriented perspectives (by Bryant, Morton and Bogost) with a touch of DeLanda’s assemblage theory (which is reworkings of Deleuze). Just check the tag-cloud on my posts on object-oriented ontology (OOO), Deleuze, DeLanda and Bergson. This Wikipedia entry sums up OOO pretty well:
        Maybe you should check up on Timothy Morton’s blog Ecology without Nature. It contains plenty of Buddhist philosophy as well.

      • thank you so much for those references. Just glanced at the wiki entry. Will look more into it, particularly Morton’s work. Thanks again!

  17. My website address:

    http://www.celestialphenomena.net / blog.

    Regarding Patrick Geryl’s “Pole shift and Pole Reversal in 2012”, during my research, an abductee was told by an alien (ETI)
    that something will happen to earth, “soon” and “many wil die.”

    The good news here is that the alien said “many”
    not “all;” therefore there will be survivors left
    to begin anew.

  18. Are you the same Vincent as the other Vincent (you have different Avatars)? Or are you the ETI pretending to be Vincent?

  19. Your opinion means shit to me.

  20. Impressive! Yet another confused 2012er I assume?

  21. Your mind is already limited.Someday you will find out the truth.

  22. your mind is very limited,but someday you will find out the truth.

  23. And your truth is God? Aliens? The Flying Spaghetti Monster? Yet another deluded 2012er in any case, they usually make these powerful and thoughtful statements…

  24. Keep up the good work!
    Anna 🙂

  25. Fantastic site!

  26. Thanks.

  27. So very interesting, what a mind I so wish I was capable of understanding what you know about man verses, creation.


  28. If you by creation mean the Biblical creation I must say that I do not believe in that at all.

  29. It’s true… VERY interesting site
    Keep going!

  30. just have a really good death shaman take you on a journey to a cave 300,000 then you can experience for yourself.

  31. your travel stories are fascinating, found it while looking for sacbe info

    • It is the most forsaken part of the blog right now since I have do dive into my old slides and that takes too much time.

  32. “I am open minded BUT only as far as material evidence can be proven.”
    The BUT means always that what comes before is not true for you!
    check it out if you are as intelligent as you THINK you are my friend
    wish you good luck!

  33. I assume you mean what comes before material evidence is not true for me? I guess you should read a little bit more on my blog before you make some sniffy comments on what you think that I think I am (the virtual and the intensive modes of DeLanda’s neomaterialistic ontology is not actually material).

  34. You have a great site.Thanks.

    If you look like a deutschebag and you write like a deutschebag, you must be a deutschebag!

    • No problem people. This person is from a small town in Texas in the Bible Belt and he is into Patrick Geryl’s ideas. No further comments are necessary, he just don’t have the words, manners and education to express himself properly. Pray for him.

  36. I have a quick, probably easy question. A lot of these recent 2012 doom theories involve some sort of magnet field. Whether they are talking about Earth’s magnetic field, the sun’s field(s), or the magnetic ribbon, it just seems to be the straw that lots of these people are grasping to try and remove physics from the equation. My question is this: Is there any evidence that the Maya ever knew of magnets? Anything at all?

    • I am no expert on Monte Alto but it appears that Becoming Corn is right that these sculptures have magnetic properties. That does not mean that they knew about the Earth’s or the Sun’s magnetic fields. The ancient Greeks and Chinese also knew about magnetism. The ancient Maya that usually are under discussion lived in the lowlands where limestone dominates. This rock lack magnetic properties and they most likely did not know anything about magnets (at least not global magnetic fields).

  37. Dr. Normark,
    Thanks for giving us a window into your thoughts/theoretical preoccupations. I very much enjoy reading your work.

    Jamie Lee

    • Thank you. It is interesting to see that so many from Gainesville have found my blog.

  38. Many of the Monte Alto sculptures are magnetic as well. Inasmuch as certain distinctive patterns of magnetism recur with some frequency, it would appear that the sculptures were executed by artisans who were aware of these properties. If this is true, the Monte Alto sculptures no doubt deserve recognition as the oldest known magnetic artifacts in the world

  39. Hi John,

    Great blog, but give us an rss feed, please!


  40. I do not know why it does not work automatically. Anyway, here it is:


  41. Hi Johan,

    I have one simple question which I hope, you would be so kind to answer.
    It may seem off topic, but it is important for me to know what type of mind set you have.

    Do you believe that there is a shadow government, made up by CFR, Trilateral Commission, Club of Rome and Bilderberger members that have on single objective in mind and that is the new world order.

    If you don’t believe this, then I know you are not worth studying.

  42. I am the spokesman for that shadow government (but please do not spread this information, it is top secret).

    • So you dont believe this?

      Everything is alright? No false flag terror attacks, no deliberate economic collapse, no new world order, no tyranny?

      Because if that is your type of mindset then I understand how you look at the rest of world or anything at all.

  43. Then another question.

    I read a few articles on your blog. From what I understand, you completely oppose the idea that something will happen around then end of 2012, right?

    Personally, I don’t believe in the end of world at all. However I have been reading articles on the Mayan elders. And they (the elders) all seem to be preparing for some sort of event, a new age. From what I understand they seem to take this serious. Now I wonder. I mean, these elders, aren’t they the ones that possess the ancient wisdom as to say. Aren’t they the offspring of the old Mayan culture. Aren’t they the ones that understand Mayan culture more than anyone else, because they ”are” the Mayan culture? They are insiders and we are outsiders so to speak.

    Certainly we are beginning to see a lot of drastic changes in our climate. Storms, tornado’s, earthquakes, volcanic activity and so forth are increasing at a rapid pace. Is this all coincidence? (I don’t believe in the greenhouse effect, it’s a fraud, I have no doubt about it)

    Not only our planet is undergoing dramatic climate change, the entire solar system seems to be. Our sun has become very active and even Nasa is warning us for huge solar flares that could destroy our entire electric grid and communication system around … 2012…

    What is your view on all this?

  44. Everything is not alright but I see no mastermind behind it all. The simple fact that ups and downs are repeated patterns in history is enough for me not to single out current events as particularly alarming (we are far from the depression of the 1920s,WWII, etc). You seem to be relating the economic decline, terrorism, etc. to tornados, earthquakes, etc. Did this secret organization create the tsunami in Japan as well?

    There will for sure happen several things in 2012 but nothing related to a non-existing Maya prophecy. Some of the Maya elders you refer to have been seduced by New Agers from the West and the contemporary Maya had no knowledge about the Long Count until Western scholars began to decipher the system in the 19th century. Just the fact that some Maya elders claim something does not mean that they know something about the ancient Maya (they are not historians). I do not know all there is about the doings of my own Viking ancestors. There are foreigners who know much more about the Vikings than me. I cannot claim expertise on the Vikings just because I happen to have some distant ties to them. The ancestral argument simply does not hold for the Maya area since there have been tremendous changes in the Maya area since the Classic period (such as central Mexican influence, the Spanish conquest, capitalism, etc.). 99% of what now know about the ancient Maya are the result of research by non-Maya people.

    The 2012 circus is so full of misunderstandings about the Maya. All the hype has very little to do with the Maya. It is a Western (primarily US) mixture of New Age, pseudoscience, apocalyptic ideas and conspiracy theory.

    • Well, actually we are very close to a 1920 type depression. About 40 million people are on food stamps in the US. You don’t notice it because they can use these at a cash register. In 1920’s people stood in a line.
      The national debt is about 15 trillion. Unemployment skyrocketing.
      The entire world is in never ending debt, thanks to our corrupt monetary system. Europe is declining at a rapid pace, and there is little to no hope that this will be saved.

      In fact. We are already bankrupt. We went bankrupt the moment the gold standard went out and the fiat currency was introduced. You know.. money out of nowhere.

      I love how modern rationalist relate everything to ”ups and downs”. Its really remarkable. How do you get like that?
      25.000 people dying of starvation everyday, one criminal war after another. Iraq destroyed for no reason. Fake 9/11 attacks, fake al quada, one lie after another, a police state in the rising, fake global warming, total economic collapse happening right now, 3 nuclear plants in total meltdown and no news reports. And all you can say is ” ah well, ups and downs? I mean really… you must be one type of a fluoride head to rationalize in this way. Did you mother forget to breastfeed you?

      This what you call ”secret organization” actually isnt so secret at all. There are and have been numerous brave journalists who spent their lives investigating this. There is the Cfr, trilateral commission, club of rome, royal institute of international affairs and the bilderberg group. This are politicians, royalties, news heads, ceo’s, and other super rich and influential.
      Their plans and actions are well documented and it is a surprise that you don’t seem to know this by now.
      It is well documented that these same families financed Hitler, Stalin, Mao and financed basically each side of every major conflict in this century. Hm… no mastermind?

      I am not relating the climate change to these people. Not at all. Why should I?

      It seems our sun is the culprit. Something in the cosmos in changing, influencing the earth, our solar system. or is that too ”spacey” for you?

      Your argument on the Mayans make sense. Your saying that their culture was completely destroyed by the Spanish. Nothing was saved, nothing was left, no knowledge was passed over, everything kaputt.

      However didnt the Mayan priests fled into caves to write books? Didnt they have disciples to keep the knowledge alive?

      People say the same about Zulu’s. That it is all destroyed while in fact the knowledge went simply underground.

      It is clear to me that you are living on another planet. Perhaps Venus?

      Salutes from planet earth.

  45. Conspiracy theorists like you will never trust anything and you apparently have a made up simplistic worldview. Your misinformation about the Maya mirrors the misinformation you deliver in the rest of your comment. “Criminal wars” have occurred throughout ages, millions of people died in the Late Victorian famines, economic collapses have occurred in several world systems, etc. Yes, broadly speaking there are ups and downs. But you need a slightly greater historical perspective to realize this and understand that most processes are not governed by masterminds.

    Your conspiratory mind makes you jump to conclusions. I did not mention climate change. Tornados, earthquake and tsunami are not climate changes… Is the sun to spacey for me? Well, if you even bothered reading up on what I have been doing you would see that my current research deals with climate change partially affected by solar activity. The same goes for your claim that I say that the Maya culture was completely destroyed by the Spaniards. I did not say that. Maya priests fled into caves to write books??? Ha, ha… If that is how you gather your information than I understand how you have come up with your paranoid world view.

    Apparently you believe someone not being breastfed leads to ignorance. Have you read that in one of your conspiracy books down on Earth? I think I stay here on Venus with my Illuminati friends. We are watching you! Oops, I think I have said too much…

    • So you weren’t breastfed? Because, it causes lesser brain growth. Look it up.

      I don’t care about Victorian famines and all that(at least not in this discussion). We live in 2011. We are taught the EU, US and the United Nations is about peace and democracy, whilst obviously the very opposite is true!

      Perhaps you should look up the term economic warfare. Then you might understand why we have third world nations, that never seem to develop.

      The world has never been as poor as it is today. We have all the technology and capabilities but we are not able to apply it because of our mis-leaders.

      I dont believe in coincidences of such. I have studied the Elite and the bankers. Life and this planet is just a game for them. Power is all they crave. And it has always been so. So if you are referring to history. All i am saying is, nothing has changed. The Few still control the Many.

      Economic collapses are not accidental. It is very easy to create one. In 1907 mr Morgan crashed the economy just by saying one bank wasn’t reliable! And then he bought it all for pennies on the dollar.

      Are you even aware of the banker bailout scandal and what they really did? And how much we are suffering because of that now?

      The problem with people like you, who call everything a conspiracy theory is that you relate from a viewpoint that is entirely different from theirs. You don’t understand evil. You think, they would never do that. Wrong, they do it, and they do it all the time. So you talk about history. But have you studied the emperors and tyrants of history? They still exist today. That mentality is still there. They are right there on your television screen. They smile and you buy it.

      You carry the typical arrogance of a western scholar. I guess too much fluoride does that.

      Let me give some facts. When a culture is under siege one of the primary objectives, other then fighting of the enemy, is to keep the knowledge, the wisdom and so forth alive and safe. So yes, Mayan priests did flee, did go underground and wrote books to preserve their knowledge.

      You might not believe me and you may have a phd and all that, but that doesn’t impress me in anyway. It only shows me how good at repeating you are. A good parrot yes sir. I have no respect whatsoever for you. You’re arrogant and boring to read. I am not saying Calleman is any better, just another idiot.

      Good luck.

  46. Maybe you should look up the Late Victorian famines since the Third World was invented because of them. It began during the Late Victorian era partially through economic warfare (yes I knew this term after all, it is hardly any news). You say you have studied the elite and the bankers and come to the conclusion that power is all that they crave. What is the big news??? Few control the many. That is truly groundbreaking news. Tyrants are still around! Man, you must notify the press immediately (but they are of course controlled so I suggest you go back to your safe seat in front of the computer and do your armchair research).

    I just wonder what straw man you are attacking? You have apparently not read all my posts. You believe I think everything is nice and neat in our “democracies”. That’s a joke. I do not believe evil exist as well you claim. From what do you draw this conclusion? What do you know about my experience?

    I have no interest in banks and I could not care less for your analyses. This blog is about the Maya and archaeology. Whatever I write about 2012 comes from a Mayanist perspective (btw, the Maya have used caves for over 3000 years, long before the Spaniards arrived, they use them today as well).

    Just tell me what your discussion of banks has to do with the Maya Long Count calendar. Since you have no clue what the Maya calendar(s) is/are about and the correlation problems between their and our calendar(s) I am wondering why you even bother commenting here. You have visited this blog quite often during the past hours. Something troubling you on this site? Did I write something bad about one of your pet theories/theorists (Calleman perhaps)? Do you think outside the box? Do you consider yourself smarter than others? I guess you do, that is why you need to attack me in person (or rather the straw man you have created). Thank goodness that you are not boring or arrogant in your comments. I can tell you are a stimulating and warm hearted person. Just slightly out of touch with reality.

    • The discussion about the banks has indeed little to do with Mayans.

      As I said I wanted to know what state of mind you are in. Now I know.

      I am glad though to see that you acknowledge that the few control the many and that tyrants run the show.
      Still you see no masterminds behind the show on the screen? Interesting.

      Indeed, I am not very warmhearted, at least towards you. I find your scholarly unemotional arrogance hard to swallow.
      I did not say I like Calleman, on the contrary, he is an idiot. But your debunking him doesn’t make you any more interesting to me. A 3 year old child can see though Callemans crap.

      Still, I don’t think that debunks the Mayans ”prophecies” if you wish to call them so. I find the Mayan elders very intriguing. To say that they are ”seduced” by the white man… im sorry, i’m just not buying it.

      I have nothing to say.

  47. As for the Maya elders you can always read a scholarly book on the issue. But you would not trust it would you? I know how you reason as well. Not very surprising though. I have encountered your kind before. So my unemotional arrogance is worse than yours than? I did not see any “emotions” when you mentioned all the disasters you could come up with. They were just amassed to strengthen your argument, not to show that you have emotions for those killed in wars, earthquakes, etc. You began the whole “debate” with a derogative attitude (“If you don’t believe this, then I know you are not worth studying”). So who is arrogant? Anyway, you do find me interesting enough and worth wasting a whole afternoon/evening on me. Or are you just looking for a quarrel? Do you live a boring life? If I am that boring, I suggest you go elsewhere and discuss your ideas. I have no interest in them. If you have nothing to say then maybe we can end this silly “debate”?

  48. Sure.

  49. Fine

  50. SSDD

  51. To gaddad:

    As for the sun “acting oddly”. You refer to a report that is outdated. The newer report states that this solar cycle (of ~11 years) will peak in 2013 and will more mild than normal.

    The warnings you state from Nasa is simply not true. I’ve seen every report from Nasa as of late regarding the sun’s solar output. They simply want to make sure we take it seriously, as it could damage sattelites in outer space. Or harm humans beyond Earth orbit.

    Our sun is not becoming “very active” as you claim. It is simply doing what it normally does ever 11 years while it’s activity ramps up to a peak, and declines. It will happen again in another 11 years, and people like you will probably say its acting strange again. Happens everytime. Nothing about our cosmos is changing. If it were, then the billions of non-government funded astronomers would know about it.

    You can keep saying that we are close-minded individuals, but is yours open enough to realize you may be wrong?

  52. Hello johan do you believe the world will end in 2027? I am freaking out over this.

    • Sure it will (if not it will fore sure end in 2079).

  53. But the aliens told its going to end in 2027. hahaha

  54. I feel disgusted after reading the comments section below the article on Terence McKenna’s novelty theory. You and the rest of the bunch are very perplexed people indeed. Not only you attempted to shamelessly affront one of the greatest humanistic minds of the 20th century but you also made utter, ignorant fools out of yourself by not taking your time to review and truly cogitate the points he made. You, in person, clumsily reshaped his theory and simply omitted everything that wasn’t crucial to it, in hope of overthrowing his ideas. I am not going to waste my time here trying to explain to you many things I could never hope for you to understand. I immediately distinguished the orthodox type of intellect you have been forced to model for yourself, especially after I came upon your jumbled and ridiculously unsophisticated disapproval of the psychedelic experience. Then, I concluded that there is no hope for you whatsoever. Feel obliged to contact me if you ever decide to repent. I would be glad to help in altering your viewpoints and dismissing false accusations once I know you’re not as indolent as I very rightfully suspect you to be.
    Nice blog, by the way. I think I’m going to give it a read. Let’s find out how long I can endure. Who knows, maybe I’ll learn something useful.

  55. I think I will stay “orthodox” and be ignorant to the supposedly great discoveries made by McKenna. Why do people like you, who believes you “think outside the box”, become so aggressive when someone points out logical fallacies in a theory shaped by a mind under the influence of drugs? Whatever the answer is I have no interest in McKenna’s ideas apart from his “appropriation” of the 2012 date. I am hopeful that you will actually read something that have logical consistencies (within an orthodox box). This is because you apparently are very articulate in English (your IP adress suggest you live in Poland). This simply means that you have gone to school and learnt to think inside the box just like the rest of us. Hence, you are welcome back when you have come done to Earth to interact with us normal indolent people.

  56. I might be aggressive towards you, but your reasoning is wrong. I am not attacking you. I am defending myself and others. You are the one causing harm to the society. It is you who sees the “drug experience” as one of the causes of “logical fallacy”. I am merely trying to cure the disease. You say you have no interest in Terence’s ideas, why would you even consider reviewing his theory then? The only reason for this is being foolish and I do not feel the need to restrain myself from calling you that. You consider this to be an aggression, no? Well, you may see it as you wish but it would be best if you could understand that it was but an attempt to understand you. I suspected you would respond with mutual aggression or idle negation. You responded with the other. I know you have made a mistake and now you’re denying it. There is no use in trying to disguise yourself this way when I can clearly see through your mask. I must say you have stuck me with your last sentence. You might me more confused than I thought. I do not come from, nor associate myself with the public. While I hold no grudge against anyone from the orthodox community, I do not share any of their opinions. I do not support any political party. I am against most of the recognized methods of public education, and for good reasons. Perhaps you would be surprised to find out that I posses no educational background. This being said, it does not mean I am not a brother to you. I am no less than you, a human being. I might be far more pro-human than you are, but that is only the result of your involuntary indolence that you have not yet learned anything about.
    My offer still stands. Meanwhile, please take your time to at least get yourself acquainted with Terence McKenna. The novelty theory and his calculations of the I Ching sequences are the only things I have not yet managed to fully understand or agree with. You might simply forget about them for now and give him another chance. I can see how you could ridicule his different views. It would confirm my expectations. Please, prove me wrong. This is a request, not a challenge. Terence’s poetry is a feast to an intellectual mind. It will do you some good.
    I propose this excerpt from one of his many talks to start with: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsK6wm-SVxY
    You might get a grasp on my reasoning by watching this. Tell me what you think. And don’t take the video’s title and Terence’s last words too seriously – it’s sort of a self-fulfilling idea. He was a rather shy person.

    • Hi Friend.
      After watching the 3-4 minute McKenna video, I m sure that I m not interested, not even one more minute.It is less than nothing special about his talk. But if anyone think different, great for them.

      • Listen, I couldn’t care less. Why do you even bother?

  57. Funny enough, these Mckenna people completely ignore that his novel events, which have already taken place, were not so novel when compared to other events that have happened during times that weren’t supposed to be of any significance in his timeline. Therefore it is wrong. Sorry…I can only humor the claim until it fails. You can only tweak your success, but your failure will always be wrong.

  58. Forgive me my spelling, I was rather hurried and couldn’t remember if there was a possibility to edit comments. I’m sure you’ll get it out of context.

  59. A WAY to edit comments. Oh my.

  60. No education? So you were born with writing skills then? You excuse yourself for your spelling but spelling would only matter for someone with an education in how words are spelled (illiterate people do not care about spelling). The education you get when you are young affect you way more than university studies. Hence, I can also see through your mask as well. You believe you are different or even better than others, just like I suspected you would. Had you been a “free thinker”, or whatever you believe you are, from birth you would have not been able to communicate with anyone on this planet. You have to learn something from someone else. Therefore you are not as open-minded as you think. Your desire to defend McKenna is simply a testimony of that delusion. Is a person free.thinking if his mind is affected by psychedelics? I doubt it.

    Will I take time to read McKenna? No, there are far more interesting thinkers than him. Will I read him because you request that I do? Certainly not.

  61. Btw, I took the time to listen to the video. I agree with him on most cases but there is nothing new here. Nothing that some other people have thought about before him. I also sense a romanticized worldview that there is a black and white scenario (democracy vs capitalism), etc.). It is exactly such dichotomized and simplified dialectics that I am moving away from in my work (oh, yes, McKenna appears to be a man with a Cartesian mind). I search for emergent patterns and do believe we should study ecology without the concept of nature (nature/culture is another dichotomy prevalent in the 2012 phenomenon).

    I have come to similar conclusions that there are problems with the world without reading McKenna. Most people have. You write that you have not understood or agreed with the i-ching part of his ideas. Well, that was actually what my blogpost was about, not about the problems with capitalism.

    Finally, since you proud yourself with having no formal education you have an incorrect grasp of what academic education is about. The so-called “orthodox” view that you believe academics have is usually a straw man created by people like you. I have seen far more unorthodox ideas in academic literature than your beloved McKenna. But these goes under the umbrella terms speculative realism and posthumanism.

  62. I have not bothered to even finish reading what you wrote down.
    Remember that I am resolute in my cause and you can always turn to me for help in obtaining further understanding of issues presented by me and others, like McKenna. You will realize your mistakes one day, I’m sure.
    If you want me to read any of your future messages, please adjust your attitude.

  63. Yes, I will turn to you when I need your help on these ground breaking issues (whatever they are). But before that you need some sincere reality check…

    • Good. Just remember what I said.

  64. Only if you remember what I said. There is a world outside your orthodox McKenna box. It is called reality. You better check it out. It is quite interesting.

    • I’m quite familiar with that, thank you for your care.

  65. Here are some good, full-length talks that bring ALL sorts of new ideas and I can assure you they’re unlike any others. McKenna touched upon subjects that nobody ever did before.
    For those less ignorant:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-_70cv64FE – Plants, Consciousness & Transformation
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuhrhT8Z5QA – Tree of Knowledge
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUsQ1zwUZqs – Seeking the Stone (with video)
    There’s a HUGE number of those on the Internet. Take your time to review at least ONE before you decide to speak to me again.
    Now I’m most likely done here. Have a nice, psychedelic life that has been made possible by means of chemical evolutionary processes, tryptamine-related neurotransmitters and “influence of drugs”, such as psylocybin mushrooms, into our diet.

    • Maybe someone reading this part of the blog may find your links of interest. I leave it like that.

  66. I’m glad we understand each other.

  67. So, have you finally decided do astound yourself with the works of Terence? It would only be a proper thing to do so!
    I’m joking. I know you probably haven’t. I returned, however, to uncover some facts about our disagreement. Based on the following, I would also like to ask for forgiveness.
    While you may have compelled me to try to elucidate to you the many ideas of Terence McKenna, I have done a shameful job of doing so and actually managed to discourage you from gaining this profound knowledge, which was the complete opposite of my intentions. I have taken time to go through some of your theses – only thoroughly (I will come back to it later), but having done that, I feel the need to say it is highly unlikely that you wouldn’t find some of his work undoubtedly interesting – since it actually resembles that of yours.
    I have no means of trying to drag anyone away from reality (as you might have understood it before), and since psychedelic experiences tend to be associated with the devil’s influence, the gullibility of the young (since “the devil finds work for idle hands too”), and violation of law that carries the moral weight with the majority of our boundary defined society, it is very unfortunate but ordinary that you are prejudiced about these marvelous experiences and see my actions as such an attempt at corruption. I am not the devil here, however, and neither was Terence. On top of that, a “trip” on dimethyltryptamine is as real, and perhaps as common experience as any of the human experiences, though perhaps of the more sophisticated nature – widely spread in arts, spirituality, philosophy, alchemy and even anthropology (“Stoned Ape” theory). DMT, being linked to various religious experiences, every-night dream states, birth and death experiences – located in our pineal gland, analogous in structure to the neurotransmitter serotonin, (which is also a tryptamine, among others – like psylocybin, present in psylocybin mushrooms, LSD, the wonder drug of the 60’s, ibogaine, a hallucinogen used in ritual traditions of the tribes of Africa), is one of the most mysterious, visually stunning and metaphysically astounding things in the known universe. IT IS the Philosopher’s stone, the God within, our unconscious being. Ayahuasca itself is a brew containing DMT used in shamanistic rituals. What is most peculiar about it is that it allows the DMT to be orally active, which normally is metabolized by MAO enzymes, by including MAO inhibiting properties found in the plants used for this brew – and they grow a distance away from each other, which makes it difficult to determine how exactly the tribes of the Amazon Basin came up with this recipe (they insist that the plants simply “told them” – which, believe it or not, is an understandable point of view for somebody having participated in a Ayahuasca session – I haven’t had the chance yet). While all this may not be noteworthy to you – Terence was the voice of many that were afraid to speak out. He introduced to me a type of cyber-shamanism that greatly signified the meaning of the traditional methods – that of curing and guiding. You do not have to necessarily try any of these drugs to understand that our society is repressed and violated by the people who are in charge of the law. Terence once said a thing that has been widely misunderstood ever since – that nobody is in charge of what’s going on. When realized in it’s proper context, it is meant to indicate that in spite of the corporate states, the government influence and stray ideologies, the people who possess free will and desire of change (which I cannot even express how much of a necessity it is becoming), can always achieve it through collaboration, questioning the established authorities and spreading the message of truth. If you do not think that any of this is significantly important – please, at least change your mind about some of us, the responsible and grown-up bunch who take their time to educate themselves and preserve historical and anthropological knowledge of sacred plant medicines. It is cannabis that might provide the long-awaited cure for cancer and it’s already being used for it’s medicinal values. While that remains as important as entheogenic properties of these plants, you should always remember that this knowledge is being continuously passed on and the independent-minded people will someday have a chance to rebel against the authorities. The drug users are only a part of this. I’m sure you can see what various problems we must face in the near future. I hope we can all work together, no matter what our differences are.
    At the end of the day, it’s really just about Peace & Love. Let me know if you feel confused.

  68. I am not confused and although I may have been too judgemental of his work on psychedelics I still stress that my only interest in McKenna is his appropriation of the 2012 date. Nothing more, nothing less.

  69. You can’t really be judgemental of something you did not care to examine. You cannot say you’re not interested either. This is just you being opposed to the unknown of which you have only heard ill things. The topic is fascinating and capable of working wonders. It’s been swept under the rug in the 20th century, while it should hold position of an open debate, if not daily involvement in everyone’s lives. But why should I do the work for you? How can you not hold interest in scientific explanations of the phenomenon of human soul, the evolutionary causes for development of language and culture, the cause of rapid growth in parts of our brain and quite possibly anything and everything that has ever been related to the lives of sentient beings? For God’s sake, are you not an anthropologist? Are you not human? Is this not what you’re supposed to do, having been fortunate enough to be granted access to the Internet? And what of many other modern philosophers? Have you ever heard of Timothy Leary? Alan Watts? Ram Dass? Robert Anton Wilson? What about McLuhan or Carl Jung? Have you ever read Huxley’s or Dick’s books? Would you also reject them all? Some were close friends with Terence, or a great influence to his style of thinking.
    I feel I could do better and actually justify all things necessary, but you have to commit yourself to the cause. I can only provide you with guidelines. There are many great books you should read. If you have no time, there’s one in particular that would brief you on the matter of history of psychedelic research and it’s impact on our society. It would also explain the many extraordinary facts about DMT – the drug I mentioned before – since it’s actually it’s main topic. DMT is in your body. There’s simply no excuse for not educating yourself. The book’s title is DMT: The Spirit Molecule. There’s also a documentary you can watch, although I wouldn’t really recommend it. I enjoyed this one, however: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-820206505264515422

    That’s really all I have to say. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth your time. If you decide it’s not then it will most likely be true. Me, I like to keep an open mind.

  70. Nope, I am not an anthropologist. I am an archaeologist and I do not see archaeology as a subdiscipline of the former. Humans are not my main interest (and their supposed souls). The past decade or so I have primarily been interested in causeways, caves and water. I try to see them from a non-anthropocentric perspective. I am simply interesting in other things than you and it has nothing to do with me being opposed to the unknown. I am studying other unknowns than you.

  71. Archaeologist is what I meant. Terence dealt in origins of human evolution. But if caves and water is what you want to study and you cannot force yourself to also perceive what is exceptionally human and what actually lets you make those decisions, then you truly are opposed not just to the unknown, but to the whole of humanity. Chemicals is what your brain runs on. I am not asking you to learn about synthesis or to study chemistry. I only want you to read a simple book, even if it’s boring. Do you also reject biology, history, physics and other sciences? The only reason you don’t care about consciousness is because they don’t approve such studies in schools and universities. This is how you have been programmed to live and think according to the rest of your society and it’s owners who control you. I’m trying to let you decide when in fact you’re not trying to make any decisions YOURSELF. I will not accept answers such as “I am not interested” or “this is not what I study”. You’re fooling yourself and you’ll have to live with that. As I said, do what YOU want, even if it means living a lie. You’re not anti-human but I say that only because I have faith in everyone.

    • No, I am not against the whole of humanity, just some parts of it.

      You got most of your assumptions wrong about me and universities. Universites does not approve studies about consciousness? What? As you say yourself, I am not going to do the homework for you. So neuroscience, phenomenology, etc. are not taught at universities? Sure, they do but they have gotten it all wrong haven’t they?

      Programmed? Yes, we have all been “programmed” to read and write, all in the duty of the national state. Tell me something new please. The problem here is that you seem to believe you have not been programmed… Duh. Is this a self-delusion based on your straw man you have created of the “other”?

      Anyway, I am tired of your mission on my blog. It does not interest me a bit. I will consider your future responses as spam.

      • Look, friend, you know very well what I’m talking about. They never told you about shamanism, meditation or DMT. Neuroscience provides the basic model. You have to go further than that to find about the contents and workings of consciousness. Chemicals are largely responsible for transmitting data and triggering responsive behavior. In other words, they are genuinely intended and designed to generate and/or carry the “contents” of human experience and thought. Neurotransmitters I have already talked about. You can learn a lot about those from the book I told you about. And don’t be so arrogant. If you wanted me to stop bothering you, you could’ve just told me so. Instead you’re trying to deprive me of my own freedoms. You’re forgetting I am a fellow human being. Go and do what you wish. I am not causing harm to anyone. Don’t reply if you want me to give up. I’m not so stupid to actually keep trying to converse with a mute computer screen, though it wouldn’t make much difference.
        I believe this is a goodbye.

  72. Maybe there are some messianic messages , and prophesies from this
    Terence McKeena guy.

    • I’m not sure I understand. Of course, Terence could be considered a prophet, though not in a religious sense. What’s your point?

  73. Dear Johan,

    This is a lovely blog. I’m Sandra Leite from Portugal, studied Law but i am very curious about maya civilization. Do you know the Cultura Y Lengua Maya facebook fan page ? It has a lot of archeaologists, epigraphists, studente and lovers following, Ttke a look at the enthusiam we find in this community ! You can also find me at sandra leite facebook page, Bye, Good luck and keep on, we learn a lot from you 🙂

  74. Thanks. I have it as a fanpage.

  75. Hi. I don’t fully understand some of the articles you wrote about Calleman and his predictions, for I am a middle school student, but it still concerns me. So I just want to get a short answer on whether his claims are totally not true or somewhat not true. I just want my mind to be “at peace”, if you know what I mean.

  76. His “end date” is wrong, he has changed the Maya calendar to fit his model, his “Underworlds” do not fit the known evolutionary trends, etc. His overall model is a fantasy.

    • Thanks for the reply!! I always get worked up about this stuff.

  77. […] following critiques of Calleman’s work are presented by Johan Normark an archaeologist, traditional Maya scholar and postdoctoral researcher with the Department of Historical Studies at […]

  78. Lovely blog, superior content. It would be nice to see you transition into your own .com site.

  79. Thanks. I’ll see if that ever happens. I will for sure continue to blog for one more year on wordpress. Right now I use the blog as a tool for a future study on the tendencies of the 2012 phenomenon between 2009 and 2013. Changing the domain will be problematic during this period.

  80. First of all: what’s wrong with these Swedish New Agers? Is it that hard to post a comment where it should be? This page is about maps. Aniel’s comment should have been posted here: https://haecceities.wordpress.com/2012/03/08/2012-seventh-sign-and-british-petroleum/


    “Sorry for interrupting your pre-ordered order… But I found your post, you found my reply, and answered it and that is what counts, is it not?”

    I use ” ” to show my replies…

    An open lecture that primarily your followers/fellow New Agers attend?

    “How come that you think I have a bigger support club then you?
    Do you not think people might be able to do there own decisions after all ”the academic” truth, finally has been spokenr and being compared with the “New Ager View?”

    I sure do have more fun things to do with my spare time.

    “You surely dedicated your time to express yourself, without giving notice to persons you discuss – but… You are a bit “scared” to waist your time, I guess..”

    I do not need such a debate, but I believe you need it…

    “Why? To full fill my dream? If I get the most hits on my homepage I will be the real source…?”

    Further, my dealings with the 2012-phenomenon has turned into a side-project of mine regarding the blog as a medium of what I call the 2012-hyperobject. That is what I intend to continue for about one more year.

    “So there is really a 2012 phenomenon occurring?
    OK, so you’re some kind of occupied during the up coming year?”

    Dealing with my opponents in other places than my blogg is not part of my plan.

    “I did not plan to do it either and I wont spank you, if… ;-D …
    I will just argue.. and remind you of that I am not your opponent. I just might be a co-re-searcher…”

    Good, you should not be impressed by academic degrees (but people like Calleman and Arguelles surely like(d) to show off with their titles).

    “They were born in the 50’s and where are we now? Some 80% of our population under 35 has higher studies as people in India and Asia, with higher degrees works for 2 $ an hour”

    I never use my academic degree(s) as an argument, you brought it up.

    “Have you studied your own webbpage and posts on blogs?
    Never brought your authority to the front desk…?”

    I have never claimed to the topdog of “Western academic” truths on the Maya(n) culture. That is you again…

    “I am happy to be helpful – you only expressed your superior knowledge to be the ”Top Dog” over Calleman, Jenkins, Argüelles and myself, to mention a few…Do you have any respect for, as an example, Geoof Stray?”

    Perhaps you missed the exhibition “Spelet om maya” in Stockholm a couple of years ago?

    “Yes I did! You did not present yourself before I found your writings on my person…”

    It brought up six different views/”truths” of the Maya. I was the scientific consultant for that.

    “Sorry, full respect, but I missed that!”

    So what is best “Western academic science” that explores very different perspectives or “Western New Age” distortions of what the Maya actually say? 
I am sure you have made a “straw man” version of academic Maya research. You simply do not understand the varieties that exist.

    “I am happy to find a person with a greater interest, and a better viewpoint for the subject then myself and to learn so…”

    Sure many academics have been wrong. That is how science works. Faced with new evidence we will evaluate theories and models.

    “I am happy your in”

    That is not how spiritualists work,

    “Please give me your source…”

    they have already set up “consciousness” as the foundation and see it everywhere in matter. Truth has already been established…

    “Are you sure this is my perspective?”

    Yes, I am doing this to show how clever I am. How easy it is…

    Regarding your questions:
The five senses? The Aristotelian senses I assume you mean?

    “No, I mean the senses I discovered hidden in my body. But Aristoteles identifies the highest good with intellectual virtue; that is, a moral person is one who cultivates certain virtues based on reasoning. Aristotle distinguishes sense perception from reason, which unifies and interprets the sense perceptions and is the source of all knowledge”

    Do you know that there are many other senses apart from these?

    “Well, what do YOU think?”

    All realities are withdrawn from us.

    “Sorry for you… I do not agree…”

    We can never get to the essence, all we can make are sensual profiles of other entities.


    Body or conciousness? You should get away from your Cartesian chamber.

    “Sorry I did not know that I was trapped there. And I also believe that the pyramids and the ancient star knowledge came from some place else. As all of our basic chemical structures derives from a meteor rain some, few, billion years ago…”

    To me, following speculative realism’s way out of the correlationist deadlock, we should not set up dichotomies like that. All that exists are quadruple objects and their interiors. On their interior we find real and sensual objects, real and sensual qualities. Even a spirit, if such exist, would be an object (object is not the same as matter).

    “I am a bit tired so I made a Google translation for this… Words don’t come easy… 😉

    “För mig, efter spekulativa realism väg ut ur correlationist dödläget bör vi inte inrätta dikotomier som det. Allt som existerar är fyrdubbla objekt och deras interiörer. På deras inredning hittar vi riktiga och sensuell föremål, verkliga och sensuell kvaliteter. Även en ande, om sådana finns, skulle vara ett objekt (objekt är inte detsamma som materia).”


    There is a spiritual value for contemporary Maya but hardly not for Swedes who believes the Maya calendar is all about them and love.

    “Did you know that 99,(some) % of world population don’t speak Swedish?”

    You do know that my current project deals with water, no?

    “I did not! I found your blogg cause a friend told me the you where making fuzz of me…”

    If not, read up on the “current project” section. I suggest you use a Geiger counter, like a scientist would do…

    “I know… but if you not aware of “invisible” matters… how would you know when to use this gadget (Developed Knowledge)?”

    Verification, btw, is not exactly the way science works. Some people think falsification is the way to do it. I use neither. Your pointless analogy with water shows that having a public debate with you would be one long facepalm.

    “To some it might show something else… or isn’t the beauty in the eyes of the beholder…”

    “Still, I am not in a football team collecting ovations. I am a curious, interested being in how the clock works – I try to walk with the time…”

    Again, In Lak’esh!

  81. I am sure you have a bigger “support club”. People with extraordinarily claims tend to have that. Stop attaching the words “academic truth” to me. Science are not discussing “truths”, that is something spiritualists try to find.

    Well, writing a blog post takes slightly shorter time than to prepare a talk, travel, etc. Apparently it hit a touchy spot since you replied, so it was not a waste of time. You let yourself in, but I am not letting myself into your invitation. See the difference? I am sure you have fulfilled your dreams in your life but people are perhaps questioning what you tell them (so I have heard). That is probably why you want a public debate.

    Yes, there is a 2012-phenomenon, have you not noticed?

    Yes, I declare my own background on this part of the blog so that readers will know who I am. How often do I bring it up in my over 600 blog posts? Calleman sure feels obliged to use his PhD title on book covers, etc.

    Stray is more nuanced than many of the others for what I have seen but I cannot really tell that much about him since I have not read much of his work. I know more about the Maya than the other people you mention but there are other Mayanists who know more about 2012 and the Maya than me, such as John Hoopes, David Stuart, Mark Van Stone, etc. Those would be the topdogs…

    You missed the purpose of the exhibition? Blinded by the artifacts or your own assumption about what archaeologists have to say?

    A source for how spiritualists work? Well, take any book by Calleman as an illustrative example. Sure, he changes focus from Earth to Universe and so on, but he maintains the core idea. It is unaffected and he amasses plenty of data to support his model. Once you check the information he amasses you’ll find that it does not fit what he claims.

    Yes, all real objects are withdrawn. If you don’t believe that you must believe that you see things for what they actually are. You must also know all connections entities can make, all their qualities, properties, capacities, etc. Wow, that is impressive. However, from what I hear in the Youtube clip I fear that you are quite far from seeing things as they are. You have made your sensual profile of Maya archaeology (the “eeeh” part)…

    Of course you did not know you were trapped in Cartesian dichotomies, I can tell. Believing in ancient star knowledge does not change that. It is still mind vs matter, consciousness vs body, etc. New Agers… You just transfer your own anthropocentric view from Earth to the stars.

    I am glad you informed me that 99% of the world’s population are not Swedish. Do I have to remind you that 99% of them are not Maya either? The Maya elders you respect are not even typical for the majority of the Maya.

    You would use your spiritual consciousness and find the radioactivity then? Give me a break…

    Time is a complex problem. I once favored Bergson. Use Google translate to read up on my posts on his temporality. Begin with this one: https://haecceities.wordpress.com/2009/03/29/time-and-archaeology-4-bergsons-continuous-duration/

  82. Funkar din hotmail-adress fortfarande? (Trodde de skulle lägga ner…) Jag försöker mejla ett svar till dig på din gu-adress, men de studsar hela tiden.

  83. Johan, Yours is an interesting, fun site, and I look forward to reading more of your post. ls the area you work, in part of the Puuc Hills? Robert
    PS After 2012 Dec.23 (21?) does the Mayan calendar reset? If so to what date? I don’t care about the “end of world” unless it involves chocolate!

    • The Cochuah region lies east of the Puuc area. We do have evidence of Puuc influence in Terminal Classic architecture and ceramics (or perhapse better phrased: the Puuc area and the Cochuah region were part of the same area of interaction).

      As to whether the Long Count was designed to reset after 13 baktun (most likely December 24 according to a new study by Martin and Skidmore) or not is a matter of controversy. Personally I find no evidence for a reset. It will simply continue into 14 baktun, and so on.

  84. greetings from basilicata in south italy

  85. I was reading one of your articles about “Mayans in Georgia”, which I found doing a web search while watching the idiotic U.S. show “History Unearthed” on the History Channel. You wrote a very good article, and believe your statement about keeping an open mind but only if material evidence can be provided. Why do you think people want to believe Mayans came to Georgia and Florida (US) and (now proved false) the prophecy of the 2012 being the end of the world with the end of the Mayan (one of them) calendar?

  86. People seems to desire apocalyptic fantasies, probably to cover up their anxieties. They wish some extraordinary power or event will bring about a change in their life and the world that they dislike. Now that 2012 did not work for them they will just move on to another date. As for the Georgia connection, I have no good idea since I do not know the local history well enough.

  87. This is one of these “rationalism vs fanaticism” and “science vs pseudoscience” blogs I see. All out tribal warfare. Funny how like each other both parties are in the end.

    • You should poke around a bit more on this blog. From your comment I suspect your are part of the “pseudoscience” camp. Either that or you are a social constructionist (sometimes it is really hard to tell the difference).

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